Unique Items

Everything you need to know about D2R Unique Items
In your D2R adventure you will encounter Unique Items – standing out by their green item name. They are not easily found like magic items, with some unique items remaining incredibly difficult to find (like Death’s Web,). Therefore look at their legendary magical abilities twice, before you consider discarding them. You can find Unique versions of Normal, Exceptional or Elite items. However, there is not a Unique Item available for every item type. Thus, they follow the same range of Damage and Defense numbers. The Defense on Armor and the ranges of the Magical abilities can vary though. Some Unique Items feature their own special art, while some others look like regular items but with a slightly different skin.
  • Same as all the Items in Diablo 2, each Unique item has Level Requirements. It is possible to gamble a Unique Item. The chances are extremely low though.
  • Some Unique Items are very rare and very hard to find. You should keep them or trade them with other very rare items.
  • Uniques can have special magical bonuses that you cannot find on regular Rare or Magic items.
    The Weapon Speeds shown on the item are not equal to the total Weapon Speed. It is the speed of the base weapon. In order to figure out the total speed of the Weapon, you have to combine the Items with Increased Attack Speed, the base Weapon speed, and your character’s class.
  • Often, the Weapon Damage does not exactly match up with the percent of Enhanced Damage that appears on the Unique items.
  • You can find a Unique Item if you have it already. However, the exact same Unique cannot appear more than once from Chests or Monsters in each game

Hard to find

  • Shadow Dancers
  • Windforce,
  • Death’s Fathom
  • Griffon’s Eye
  • Wisp Projector
  • The Grandfather
  • Crown of Ages
  • Mang Song’s Lesson
  • The Cranium Basher
  • Tyrael’s Might

Ethereal and Socketing

Unique Items can be Ethereal as well. This means that this kind of Uniques will grant additional Damage or Defense and you can only use them as long as they have enough Durability. Note that you can insert a Zod Rune (Indestructible) in an Ethereal Unique Item in order to use them for a long time. Moreover, these Items don’t lose durability while you have them equipped on your mercenaries.
You can socket a Unique Item using the 1st quest reward in Act 5. You can insert Runes, Gems or Jewels in Unique Items in order to make them even more powerful. However, Unique Items can only have 1 socket, (with a few exceptions). Therefore, it is impossible to complete a Rune Word using a Unique Item.