Steel Shade

In Diablo II Resurrected, Steel Shade is part of the Armet category and one of many unique Helms in D2R. It is an item of average size, taking 4 Blocks of space if you want to store it in the inventory or stash. Your character needs to reach at least the Required Level of 62 to carry this item. This Armet has a Strength Requirement of 109 before it can be used.

Stats and Properties

Steel Shade
Defense: 300-345
Durability: 24 of 24
Required Strength: 109
Required Level: 62
4-8% Mana stolen per hit
+100-130% Enhanced Defense
Replenish Life +10-18
+5-11 Fire Absorb

Can Steel Shade be Upgraded?

This is already the elite version of this Helm, so it cannot be upgraded any further. The normal version is called Helm, while the exceptional version is Casque.
Note: If this item can have sockets, you might be able to get some runes and get one of the runewords as a result - if you place them in the correct order. Have a look at our builds to find out which items make the most sense for the character you're currently playing.

What's the worth of Steel Shade? How can I trade it in D2R?

Below is a list of variations we can get for you from our network of trusted trade partners: