Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I trust you guys?

    Well, simply put: you can't. But if you take a close look at the design and functionality,
    you'll see that we have spent countless hours carefully crafting and designing the details of this site.
    This site wasn't put together in 2 hours and it wasn't outsourced for cheap to India either.
    I know there are a lot of scammy sites out there... But I can assure you that you've found the right place and we'll give our best to make you smile and make you enjoy the time you spend beating up your opponents at the highest level possible! :)

  • Which payment methods do you guys accept?

    Currently we are only accepting payments via PayPal.
    We are working on the credit card acceptance and as well Bitcoin!

  • Which personal data will I have to enter?

    We only need your email address in order to send the items directly to your mailbox.
    Firstname and lastname are optional, but highly appreciated.
    It feels better to talk to "Luke" instead of "", don't you think so?

  • Can the items disappear?

    All Runes and Items are found by a real player account and are 100% legit.
    We guarantee and promise you that they will never disappear.
    We know that some stores will send you dupes.. But you are absolutely safe if you shop with us.
    Countless items and runes have slipped through our fingers and we never had a single complain :)

  • How long does it takes to receive the items?

    Well, that's a tough one.
    It depends on the server you play and as well on the time you place and pay the order.
    It can range anywhere between 2 minutes and a few hours and also depends on the items you ordered.

  • How do I receive the items I just ordered?

    Our standard procedure is to create a new D2 Mule Account and drop all items on one or more level 1 chars.
    We will then send you an email containing the login data for that mule account.
    If you have a second D2 installation you can then transfer the items to your player account. Otherwise, you can ask a friend to help you mule.

  • Do you offer a mule service to transfer the items?

    Yes, please contact us if you need any help to transfer the items - we will gladly help you! Make sure to include your account name in the email and tell us when you will be online. We will then start whispering you so we can meet ingame and start the transfer.

  • Could you please stop smiling?!

    Well we certainly could, but keeping a big smile on your face makes life so much easier and gaming so much more fun!

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