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How does it work?

Select Ladder SC or Ladder HC from the Selector on the top right of the page. While you’re adding Items to the cart, the magic happens in the background. You will not see it in the cart, but the system will automatically add free D2R Runes to your order after checkout.

Which Runes will I get?

Depends on how big your order is. Check below to see the bonus steps.The bonus is cumulative, which means you will always get free runes from the lower levels added as well. Check out the Bonus Page for more info.
  • 🎁 Bonus Items Spend
  • FREE   1x Um Rune   when you spend $3
  • FREE   1x Mal Rune   when you spend $5
  • FREE   1x Ist Rune   when you spend $10
  • FREE   1x Vex Rune   when you spend $15
  • FREE   1x Ohm Rune   when you spend $25
  • FREE   1x Lo Rune   when you spend $35
  • FREE   1x Ber Rune   when you spend $50
  • FREE   5% OFF your cart!   when you spend $75
  • FREE   5% OFF your cart!   when you spend $125
  • FREE   5% OFF your cart!   when you spend $200
  • FREE   5% OFF your cart!   when you spend $300
  • FREE   5% OFF your cart!   when you spend $500
Example: You spend $100 and will get the Vex rune. But you will ALSO receive the Ist, the Mal and Um Rune from the lower steps. This example is for D2R Softcore Ladder. If you’re playing Hardcore Ladder, you can find the details on the dedicated Bonus Page. There is no bonus for Non-Ladder or D2 Legacy for the moment.

Buy D2 Items, at Yesgamers

Find All DiaBlo 2 Items For Sale That You Need to Complete Your Character

Buying Items for Diablo 2 Resurrected is a matter of trust.

Rest assured, you’ve just found the best partner. We’ve been in this game for more than 10 years and we know everything about Diablo 2. It doesn’t matter if you joined after the latest Ladder Reset, playing Classic or Diablo 2 LOD Expansion Set, or collecting as many items as possible in Non-Ladder. Trust us, we got you covered. We even have the biggest selection of Hardcore items, readily stocked, waiting to be delivered to your mule account.

The Only D2 Store you’ll ever need.

What you see here is the result of many years of development, offering you the most advanced shopping experience for d2 gear online. We’ve tried our best to organize the absolute madness of items variations into categories that make sense. Our team delivers items around the clock – every minute of the week is covered.

Diablo 2 Items, all variations, ready-to-go.

The big difference between us and our competitors is that all items you see listed here are already stocked in our posession, waiting to be delivered to you. It’s simple: if you can add it to your cart, we can deliver it within minutes. We might also list items that are currently out of stock, which you can show your interest through our unique “request” feature, so we can notify you once they are back in stock.

Looking to buy Diablo 2 Runes to complete a socketing recipe?

Check out the runes section, where you will find high runes like Jah and Ber, but also all others, like Ist or Lem. You can buy them either as a single rune, or opt for any pack of 5 to 88 (which will get you a better price). In case you want to build a runeword, you can find the matching pack of runes in our runeword rune packs section.

How about Unique Items?

Unique Items are some of the most versatile and most used items in the game. You’ll find many of them listed in our shop in tons of variations. Some of the most popular ones include Shako, Herald of Zakarum shield and the Stormshield Monarch. To complement each characters skills you’ll also need to have a look at hellfire torches, gheeds fortune charms and annihilus.

Find the best Rare and Crafted D2 Items with the help of our filters

If you’re looking for something special, check out our rares and crafts section, where you can apply sophisticated filters to find the exact item that you need. For example you can add filters for the number of sockets, or find rare jewels or amulets with specific stats.

Ready made D2 Runewords and DIY Runeword Builder

We have tons of runewords stocked, like Enigma, Infinity, Fortitude, Insight, Chains of Honor, Spirit or even Exile in various base items. You can find the random versions and for some runewords even the most perfect roll possible. If you want even more selection you can try our unique Runeword Builder tool, which allows you to combine many different socket base items with the runeword runes. This way you can socket the runes into the base item yourself and if you’re lucky, get the perfect roll! Going this path allows you to buy d2r runewords that we might not have pre-socketed and are not amongst the topsellers, like Lore, Obedience, Black, Rhyme, Oath, Lawbringer or Harmony. Have a look at our helm runewords page, where you can find the most popular runeword Dream.

Our Diablo 2 Builds Section will take your character to the next level

Amongst all the char classes you can play – there always remains 1 question: Which Build should I play today and what’s the best use of his skills? One of the most popular builds you can play for the Amazon is the Javazon Build. Of course you can also try the Bowazon Build of you prefer slaying from a distance . For the Paladin we have the Smiter and the Hammerdin Build being the top scorers. Something completely different is the Summoner Build for the Necro. Another popular choice is the famous Blizzard Sorceress.

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