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In-Game Services

Which Services Can Yesgamers Offer With The Help of Our P2P Player Network?

Find D2R Items

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Get a Waypoint

Are you missing an important Waypoint in D2R and don’t want to waste time getting it? Using this Service, our dedicated Team of Yesgamers will help you get that missing Waypoint by opening a portal for you, so you can grab it within minutes of placing your order. Trade YesCoins vs. Waypoints instead of wasting your time!

Solve Quests

Our dedicated Team of Gamers will join your D2R game and have your back, so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked by monsters on your way to complete the quest! All items that drop from monsters and bosses that we killed in the game are fully yours, so if you’re lucky you will end up with some helpful items for your favorite build!

Item Concierge

Looking for a very rare and special item that you cannot find in-game and none of the players in our P2P network has it? You’re not out of Luck! Use your YesCoins to hire our dedicated Item Concierge, who will try to connect you with a player who got it. You pay for the Concierge’s work time.

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"I have ordered from Yesgamers many times and they never disappoint. They have always come through in surprisingly short time (usually a few minutes). The ingame delivery works well and has been quite convenient through their custom platform.
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Buy D2 Items, at Yesgamers

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Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items with fast delivery speed

We get it – when you’re playing Diablo 2 Resurrected and you’re missing that ONE item so you can level up your favorite build.. you just want a prompt delivery, a big selection with a stable stock and competitive prices. Yesgamers offers this, extended by the best service you can imagine. Have a look at our full diablo 2 item list.

Great service – by the way – for us means that everything works so smooth that you won’t even need it. And if you do, you’ll get a fast reply by our support and your concern solved, so can have peace of mind. An almost instant delivery on a well organized website with easy payment is our way of making sure that you’re happy. (We’re running a d2 items sale from time to time)

Rest assured, you’ve just found the best partner. We’ve been in this game for more than 10 years and we know everything about Diablo 2. We have almost all diablo 2 resurrected gear for sale. It doesn’t matter if you joined after the latest Ladder Reset, collecting as many items as possible in D2R Non-Ladder or even still playing the original Diablo 2 LOD Expansion Set. We got your Diablo II needs covered. We even have the biggest selection of Hardcore items, readily stocked, so you can get your d2 items NOW.

New Ladder Diablo 2 Resurrected Items For Sale

The Ladder Reset is an event every player is looking forward to. All diablo items turn into non ladder and it marks the start of a new ladder season. You will start a new character from level 1 and start slaying monster. If you’re stuck, you’re usually able to buy d2r ladder items shortly after the ladder season in our diablo 2 store.

We’re here since the first Ladder Season. But it doesn’t matter if you are playing the new ladder season or Non Ladder – we offer all the cheap d2 items you’re looking for – with a fast delivery. You can even buy D2 ladder items for Hardcore (also non ladder HC items we still have from the first ladder season in HC)

The only D2R Store you’ll ever need

If you’re looking to buy d2 resurrected items – we have some words for you: What you see here is the result of many years of development, offering you the most advanced shopping experience for diablo 2 items. We’ve tried our best to organize the absolute madness of items variations into categories that make sense. Our delivery team covers every minute of the week – so you can buy diablo 2 resurrected gear around the clock. Why we don’t even need a live chat feature? It’s simple. Overall we’re pretty confident in stating that Yesgamers might very well be the best place to buy d2r items. Fast support, friction-less payment methods (including store credits), coupon code, non ladder items and a huge selection of diablo 2 resurrected items easily make us the best source out there.

D2 Items in all variations – stocked and ready to go

The big difference between us and our other diablo 2 stores is that all items you see listed in our d2r item shop are already stocked in our posession, waiting to be delivered to you. It’s simple: if you can add it to your cart, we can deliver it within minutes. We might also list items that are currently out of stock, which you can show your interest through our unique “request” feature, so we can notify you once they are back in stock.

This way it’s easy to find all the unique items, set items, small charms and gear packages you need. If there are diablo 2 items you’re missing in our selection, feel free to shoot us a message via the support page so we can be aware and have our team working on it.

Looking to buy Diablo 2 Runes to complete a socketing recipe?

In Diablo II, Runes are like water. You need them in order to complete almost every single recipe in the horadric cube. You can socket them into items to get powerful rune words, or you can simply use High Runes as some form of in-game currency to trade items with other players.

Check out the runes section in our d2r items shop, where you will find high runes like Jah and Ber, but also all others, like Pul, Ist Vex, Ohm or Lem. You might need a Zod or Eth rune for the odd purpose. You can buy them either as a single rune, or opt for any pack of 5 to 88 (which will get you a better price). In case you want to build a runeword, you can find the matching pack of runes in our runeword rune packs section, so you don’t need to think which runes are part of that specific runeword (e.g. Jah Ith Ber for the Enigma rune word)

Ready made D2 Runewords in our D2R Store

Runewords are essential in Diablo 2, as without them you’d be at a severe disadvantage. We have tons of runewords stocked in our d2 shop, like Enigma, Infinity, Fortitude, Insight, Chains of Honor, Spirit or even Exile in various base items. Some of them we even offer in 15ED bases (some with extra adds). For most runewords you will find the “random version”, which means the stats will be random (just like if you would roll it). We even offer a selection of d2r runewords with the most perfect roll possible. In some cases these might be absolutely rare and hard to get – which reflects in price. All in all we should always have a solid selection of ready-made diablo 2 runewords stocked – so you can have them with fast delivery.

DIY Runeword Builder for more flexibility

If you want even more selection you can try our unique Runeword Builder tool, which allows you to combine all the different socket base items we have with the runes you need for the runeword. This way you can get both delivered and socket the runes into the base item yourself and if you’re lucky, get the perfect roll! Going this path allows you to buy d2r runewords that we might not have pre-socketed and are not amongst the topsellers, like Lore, Obedience, Black, Rhyme, Oath, Lawbringer or Harmony. Have a look at our helm runewords page, where you can find the most popular runeword Dream.

In short: We’re the only diablo 2 shop offering a DIY runeword builder tool that allows you to get the parts for ANY rune word you might want – in any socket base item we have stocked – without having to wait for us to stock the ready made RW. It has never been easier to get you diablo 2 resurrected items.

How about Unique Items in Diablo 2?

Unique Items are some of the best diablo 2 items you can find. They are amongst the most versatile and most used items in the game. Some of the most popular ones include Shako, Herald of Zakarum shield, the Stormshield Monarch, Maras Kaleidoscope amulet, The Stone of Jordan ring (and also Bul Katho’ Ring), the Arachnid Mesh belt. the Griffon Eye, Crown of Ages, Deaths Fathom and Nightwings Veil helm (only the most popular diablo 2 resurrected items). There are many more unique diablo items in each group though and it highly depends on your character build which ones will serve you the best. Some can be Ethereal and have a socket added to them.

For Uniques we have a lot of cheap items for sale – You’ll find many of them listed in loads of variations – ranging from low level stats to perfect uniques (like Shako 141 defense). They come in either normal, elite or exceptional. There are a TON of different uniques in diablo 2 resurrected, so we grouped them in order for you to easily find the best unique weapons, helms, armors, belts, gloves, amulets rings and boots that you need.


Unique charms in Diablo 2 are perfect to complement each characters skills – we highly recommend you’ll also have a look at hellfire torches, gheeds fortune charms and the annihilus charm before you buy d2r items.

Set Items for Diablo 2 Resurrected

These are very high on the diablo 2 items list. If you’re looking for special diablo 2 items then Set Items might be interesting for you. They combine the magic properties of unique items AND you can unlock a partial set item bonus if you were multiple ones (or the full set bonus when wearing all). This can be an immense value add for your character in diablo 2 resurrected.

The best selling set is no doubt Tal Rasha’s Wrappings, which gives your diablo ii character a purple look when the full set is equipped on a Sorceress. Immortal Kings Set, as well as Bul Kathos Set and Trang-Oul’s Avatar are also very high on the list and a popular choice for class specific sets in diablo 2 resurrected.

Find the best Rare Items and Crafted Items using our filters

Not all diablo 2 resurrected items are the SAME. Rares and Crafts can be super valuable since they can have multiple magical properties that are assigned randomly when the item drops.

If you’re looking for something special, check the rares and crafts section in our d2r item shop, where you can apply sophisticated filters to find the exact item that you need. For example you can add filters for the number of sockets, or find rare jewels or amulets with specific stats.

Rare items can be amongst the best items in diablo 2 possible – since they can have the perfect combination of properties for your character that you might not find in any other item, like unique weapons or rune words. We can confidently say that we’re the only shop out there having rare and crafted diablo 2 items for sale and also offering a neat filtering system at the same time.

Our Diablo 2 Builds Section will take your character to the next level

Amongst all the char classes you can play in diablo 2 resurrected – there always remains 1 question: Which Build should I play today and what’s the best use of his skills? This choice will influence greatly which d2r items you’ll need. Choosing your char class and build is one of the hardest choice. The great thing about Diablo 2 Resurrected is that you can play ALL of them (and some d2r items can be re-used or shared between your chars).

  • One of the most popular builds you can play for the Amazon is the Javazon Build (using javelins). Of course you can also try the Bowazon Build if you also prefer slaying from a distance.
  • For the Paladin we have the Smiter and especially the Hammerdin Build (using the Enigma rune word) being the top scorers if you like to take down large mobs with his divine power. This might just be your best bet if you love melee hand to hand kind of battle situations.
  • Something completely different is the Summoner Build for the Necro. He specializes in summoning the dead to do his dirty work and is loved by many players in Diablo II.
  • Another popular choice is the famous Blizzard Sorceress who mostly relies on her cold Blizzard spell to create damage to bigger mobs from a safe distance (it’s not easy to aim though).
  • The Druid offers quite some fun builds if you love transforming into a bear or wolf and enjoy using his natural magician strengths to utilize his elemental skills for attacks.

No matter what build you’re playing today, we have all the d2r items for sale and will make you happy guaranteed while playing diablo 2 resurrected.

Types of Diablo 2 Items: Normal, Exceptional, Elite and Socketed

Normal Armor and Weapons

You can find normal items everywhere throughout all difficulty levels of the game. Also, you can find them by gambling or at town merchants.

Exceptional Armor and Weapons

Exceptional items have their Character Level requirement around level 25. There are Magic, Rare, Set, Unique, Socketed and Crafted versions of these items. They appear in the later Normal difficulty levels and they become more frequent at higher difficulties. You can find Magic Exceptional Items at the Town Vendors and Rare Exceptional items through gambling.

Exceptional Armor Items provide improved Defense but they require more points in the Strength attribute. Regarding exceptional weapons, they provide a higher Minimum and Maximum Damage, but they require more points of dexterity and strength. In addition, these type of weapons provide more +skill points, and higher level spells and skills.

Elite Weapons and Armor

Elite items have their character limits at 39-73 levels. There also Crafted, Socketed, Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique versions of these items. They appear for the first time in the later stages of Nightmare level and then more frequently as you level up. You can find Magic Elite Items at the merchants and Rare Elite Items by gambling.

Elite Armor Items offer increased Defense with a cost of higher Strength requirement. Elite Weapons provide better Average Damage but they require more points of dexterity and strength. Weapons provide higher level spells and skills and more skill points as well.

Socketed Items

You can identify Socketed items because their names appear in grey letters (when highlighted). You can find them in Normal or Superior Quality. After you complete the first Quest of the Act 5, you will be able to socket any item that allows sockets. In addition, there is a Horadric Cube Formula that allows items to be socketed.

In order to insert a gem in a Socketed item, you have to left-click the gem and then left-click the item to fuse them. This way, you can customize your weapons and armor with improved stats and magical properties.

The only items that you can socket are Helmets, Shields, Armors, and Weapons (except throwing weapons). In later, more difficult stages of the game, items with more sockets appear. The maximum number of sockets is 6 for a Weapon and 4 for Armor. This also depends on the rarity of an item:

  • Magic Items: up to 4 sockets
  • Rare Items: up to 2 sockets
  • Set and Unique Items: they are limited to 1 socket. However, there are some Set and Unique Items that allow for one more socket as a default ability.

Socketing Gems, Jewels, Runes

Gems provide useful magical effects when you socket them into an item. Jewels don’t have predetermined magical abilities like the Gems, but each Jewel offers its own wide variety of magical effects for the socketed item. Runes look like small stones with some magical glyphs upon them. They differ from the Gems and Jewels as specific combinations (or Rune Words) provide an item with even more powerful and unique abilities.

How to get the Diablo 2 items you want

When you’re playing Diablo II, your aim is to kill enemies and stay alive, right? You’re on a journey through the game with quests to complete along the way, but ultimately, you’re concentrating on surviving and thriving. The main things that impact your success are your gameplay tactics, your character build, and the items that you use. Without considering all of these factors properly, you’re lowering your chances of being able to complete Diablo II.

So, you decide on your gameplay tactics and the build of your character before you begin, but how do you make sure you get the best Diablo II items? There are some pretty epic items out there, which make a hell of a difference to your character. After all, Tyrael’s Might Sacred Armor sees your character become invincible to certain spells. While the Blade of Ali-Baba increases your Gold Find by 2.5% per Clvl. As a result, many players end up spending hours trying to farm certain items for their character to turn them into the ultimate killing machine. If this method sounds horribly laborious to you, then don’t worry; there are certain things you can do to increase your odds of getting the Diablo 2 items you want.

How Diablo 2 items are dropped

If you’re looking for certain Diablo 2 items, you first need to understand the process of how you receive dropped items. You see, when you open a treasure chest or kill a monster, the game generates the items that you receive as a reward. The same monster and same chest won’t grant every person the same item. There is a formula that determines which item is generated in each specific instance. This algorithm considers:

  • The drop source.
  • lvll
  • The number of items to drop.
  • The type of item.
  • Properties of the item.
  • Whether the item should be unique.

There is a formula involved in choosing which item you receive in Diablo 2. Therefore, you don’t have to go around killing everything and anything hoping that you get item you want. Instead, you can use this to increase your chances of receiving an item that you’re actually interested in using.

Diablo 2 Drop Calculator

Handily, someone has created a drop calculator. You can input all of the factors above to find out how likely it is that you’ll get the Diablo 2 items you need. Using this, you can choose to fight the monsters that have the best probability of giving you the item you want. This also excludes the risk of lower items from even being dropped.

This method does still require a bit of work, but it can significantly minimize the time you spend searching for the item you want. And if that fails or you’re just too impatient, you can always do a trade!

Everything About D2R Items

Item Management

Since Diablo 2 allows for a small inventory for each character, you will have to manage your items constantly. Also, you will have to figure out what items are the most expensive so you will pick them up and sell them to town vendors.

However, you can pick up every single item and return to town for selling when your inventory is full, but this will take you much more time to progress or clear areas. Note that if you leave an item for about 10-30 minutes (depending on the item’s rarity) it will disappear.

  • 10 minutes: Potions, Keys, Tomes, Scrolls, Arrows and Bolts.
  • 10 minutes: Any Weapon and Armor of quality lower than magic, including Ethereal and Socketed Items.
  • 10 minutes: Pandemonium artifacts such as Key of Terror, Hate, and Destruction, Baal’s Eye, Mephisto’s Brain, and Diablo’s Horn. Also the Token of Absolution and the 4 flavors of Essences
  • 20 minutes: Gems. Runes and Magic Items
  • 30 minutes: Crafted, Rare, Set, Unique Items.

Stackable Items

You can stack some specific items on top of each other in order to fit in the same inventory slot. This way you will save some of your inventory space. Some examples are keys, throwing potions, arrows, bolts and other throwing items like knives, throwing axes and javelins.

Items’ rarity order

The order is from the rarest to the least rare items:

Unique Items > Set Items > Rare Items > Magic Items > High Quality Items > Normal Items > Low Quality Items.


Every item that you can equip has its own durability that is being lowered while you are using it in battle. When its durability drops to zero, you can’t use this item anymore, unless you repair it. In every town, there is an NPC that can repair your armor and weapons for a price. This price depends on the rarity of items. The maximum durability that an item can have is 333.


Most kinds of weapons and armor can appear in the Ethereal version, except Bows and Crossbows. Ethereal items appear translucent while you have them equipped or in your Inventory. In addition, they lose their durability at a slower rate in comparison with other items and they don’t lose any durability when your mercenary is equipped with them.

Ethereal weapons offer 50% more base damage and Ethereal armor provides +50% base defense. However, they have a reduced Durability and you cannot repair them. Keep in mind that you can place indestructible Zod Runes in some Ethereal items in order to prevent their destruction.

Crude, Low Quality, Cracked, Damaged items

These types of items provide fewer stats compared to their normal versions. Thus, they are useful mostly for selling them at town vendors.

Superior Weapons and Armor

Superior items offer better stats that you can see below:

  • Attack Rating: +1 to +3
  • Defense: +5% to +15%
  • Damage: +5% to +15% or +1 to minimum damage
  • Durability: +10% to +15%


Circlets are Helms that provide Magical Suffixes and Prefixes that you would not get at a helm otherwise. Also, Circlets often have less Defense than the regular Helmets.

Class-specific Items

These items are only usable by a specific class and they offer some abilities only to that class (such as additional points to skills).

Charged Items

These magic items allow the player to use a specific skill with a limited number of uses. Some of these skills can be triggered under certain conditions such as “when attacking an enemy”.

The skills from charged items appear in the list with your normal skills, and you can set it on your right or left mouse button, just like any other skills. When you run out of charges, you can visit a Blacksmith to repair the item and recharge it.

Finding Good Items

Below there are some tips for finding more Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique Items:

  • Use items that boost the Magic Finding chance
  • Open up all Barrels, Chests, and Rocks: They have a good chance of dropping good items, especially if you use a decent amount of Magic Find. Also, you should always carry some keys with you for opening locked chests.
  • Kill Unique Monsters and Champions. Try to always kill these type of enemies as they have a better chance of dropping good items. Don’t hesitate to farm again the areas where these monsters appear more frequently.
  • Kill groups Monsters: It’s a good method to visit rooms full of monsters that you can slay quickly. The more enemies you kill in a certain amount of time, the better your chance is for finding worthy items.
  • Activate Evil Urns and Monster Shrines: They will spawn Champions or Unique Monsters that have a better chance of dropping valuable items.

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