Get Free Bonus Runes to Your D2R Order

FREE D2R Bonus Runes will be automatically added to Your Order
D2R Ladder Softcore + Ladder Hardcore only

How does it work?

Select Ladder SC or Ladder HC from the Selector on the top right of the page. While you’re adding Items to the cart, the magic happens in the background. You will not see it in the cart, but the system will automatically add free D2R Runes to your order after checkout.

Which Runes will I get?

Depends on how big your order is. Check below to see the bonus steps.The bonus is cumulative, which means you will always get free runes from the lower levels added as well. Check out the Bonus Page for more info.
  • 🎁 Bonus Items Spend
    Example: You spend $100 and will get the Vex rune. But you will ALSO receive the Ist, the Mal and Um Rune from the lower steps. This example is for D2R Softcore Ladder. If you’re playing Hardcore Ladder, you can find the details on the dedicated Bonus Page. There is no bonus for Non-Ladder or D2 Legacy for the moment.