About Yesgamers

Save your valuable time and get the ingame services you need to have more fun playing!

❗🕗 Save Your Time

If you’re into playing online games and trying to have the most fun while doing so, you found the right place! We take  the “grind” away and help you advance in game as much as we can. Since 2013 Yesgamers is a service-based platform where you can “buy more time“. Based on the saying “You can always make more Money, but Time is the ONLY resource you can never get back“.

⭐ How it Works

Want to take advantage of one of our many services? Use one of the payment methods and you will receive Site Credits in the form of YesCoins, which represent units of time. Using  these virtual coins on any in-game service on our site will then save you tons of time! Depending on the promotions we’re running at any given time, you may receive free YesCoins after service completion as a bonus! Which means time saved grinding the game on your own!

🥷 In-Game Services

Using your YesCoins for one of the many services is a smart choice, since it saves you time from grinding! Depending on the service, it will mostly be provided by our own dedicated in-house team of professional Gamers, who are ready 24/7 around the clock to help you advance and save your valuable time!

Some of the services might be completed indirectly by our powerful and private Player-2-Player network (P2P) which helps us expand our reach and enables us to offer a super wide selection by sourcing from our network. You will always be in direct contact with us. Apply to join the p2p network and earn YesCoins in exchange for your time provided. That makes YesGamers the most powerful service site out there!

Level Faster

Our In-House Team of Pro Players will host fully optimized runs, invite you and “pull” your character through them, so you can gain more XP while we do the heavy lifting. Once you reach your target level your Char will meet the level requirements to use the D2R Items you always wanted to have.

Finding D2R Items

Looking for a specific Item? Don’t want to spend hours playing till you find it? Pay for other Player’s time they needed to find that item for you instead of grinding yourself. Apply to Join our Private P2P Player Network so you can help other players too.

Get a Waypoint

Are you missing an important Waypoint in D2R and don’t want to waste time getting it? Using this Service, our dedicated Team of Yesgamers will help you get that missing Waypoint by opening a portal for you, so you can grab it within minutes of placing your order. Trade YesCoins vs. Waypoints instead of wasting your time!

Solve Quests

Our dedicated Team of Gamers will join your D2R game and have your back, so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked by monsters on your way to complete the quest! All items that drop from monsters and bosses that we killed in the game are fully yours, so if you’re lucky you will end up with some helpful items for your favorite build!

Item Concierge

Looking for a very rare and special item that you cannot find in-game and none of the players in our P2P network has it? You’re not out of Luck! Use your YesCoins to hire our dedicated Item Concierge, who will try to connect you with a player who got it. You pay for the Concierge’s work time.

Custom Requests

Looking for something else?

Contact our dedicated team of experts – they’ll let you know what’s possible.