Our Goals

Yesgamers is the collected efforts of a small team of D2 LOD players. After years of business, we’ve kept to our original principle, keeping your trust.

The items we sell are meticulously farmed for back stock and permanence; competitively priced to keep that trust, and keep Yesgamers as the preferred one stop Diablo 2 online item marketplace.

We rose to meet the challenges the community asked for: No one can match our delivery speed, professionally, and customer support.

About Us

Yesgamers was founded by WuKong and CaffineFr33. Both are avid D2 Ladder climbers who put this store together in their free time.

WuKong put together the code for the Mule Helper, the NPC that delivers items to our clients. Talented at both frustrating BvCs as a Bone Necro and crafting web stores out of HTML 5, WuKong is now the head of the small team of developers behind Yesgamers.

CaffineFr33 loves walking speed runs of D2, and because of it, was the original owner of most of the items we sold in the beginning. Armed with endless Excel spreadsheets filled with drop rates, CaffineFr33 got tired of the underhanded and unprofessional culture the Diablo 2 marketplace was growing and decided something needed to be done.

Every item Yesgamers sells, from SoJ to socketed set, is legit and permanent.

Browse from our store and see why we’re the fastest growing D2 item shop on the web.

Our Promise to You

Here at Yesgamers we treat every transaction like an opportunity to earn your trust. We price our gear fairly and deliver items faster than our competitors.

Our item selection, for ladder and non-ladder, no matter the region is full and always ready for immediate delivery.

Buy an item from us today so we can earn your repeated business tomorrow.