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Diablo 2

Diablo II Resurrected - 20 Years Classic in new light

If you’re new to Sanctuary and want to find out more about monsters, runewords or items, you’ll find an encyclopedia of information here. For those unsure about which Diablo II character build to create, we’ve all the stats needed to help you make an informed decision. Meanwhile, for players with a bit more know-how we’ve also got some handy Diablo II tips and tricks. These include our thoughts on which runewords we think would be best for each character, which monsters we believe are the most annoying, and how best to find the rune, gem or charm you’re after.

Looking to get the opinion of fellow gamers on your Diablo II gameplay tactics, or are you in search of teammates for the next Ladder reset? If so, we’ve compiled a list of the top Diablo II forums for you to join.

On this site, you’ll also find technical help to improve your gameplay experience, and news about Diablo II. We update the content regularly, so there’s something new for you to discover every time you visit.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and have a look around and discover everything you wanted to know about Diablo II, and more. You better start by having a look on our list of Diablo 2 Builds.