Magic Find

Best Areas and Gear to Boost your Magic Finding in D2R

Since you won’t have any powerful items or Rune words at the beginning of the new ladder, you want to start with a build that is performing well even with mediocre or weak items. The Blizzard Sorceress is an example of this kind of build.

Magic Finding is the most efficient way to build up your arsenal, especially at the early stages of a new ladder.

Diablo 2 Magic Find
Fan Art by Dmitriy Prozorov (Tamplier)

Magic Find Areas

By equipping items that grant a bonus to Magic Find, you can start collecting rare, unique or set items more effectively as you level up. This way you can find powerful items faster for your main or your other characters as well.

Below there are the 6 best locations for Magic Finding in Hell difficulty. Keep in mind that this list focuses towards the early ladder reset with the goal of gearing up your characters.

Ancient Tunnels

It’s an 85 level area you can find beneath the Lost City in Act 2. Any item in the game can drop there. It’s also one of the few monster areas in Diablo 2 that doesn’t spawn cold immune enemies.

Ancient Tunnels has a much higher monster density than the Mausoleum, resulting probably in the best area for Magic Finding with a Cold Sorceress in the early stages of ladder reset.


He is the easiest endgame Boss to reach. Mephisto also has some of the best drop rates in the game for popular items like Arachnid’s Mesh and Shako. He’s an excellent source for unique rings, amulets, and jewels. There is a chest you can open behind him as well. Mephisto is one of the best end game Bosses to Magic Find with the Sorceress because even a naked Blizzard Sorc can kill him using the “moat trick”.

You can accomplish the “moat trick” by luring Mephisto to the edge of the moat and then teleporting out of his sight. Then, just rain Blizzards down to him even with a weak cold Sorceress, without to worry about dying.

Being the easiest end-game Boss to reach, the large item drop table and the moat trick earned him a place in the list.


Pindleskin is a super unique monster at Nihlathak’s Temple, reached via the Red Portal in Harrogath. Pindleskin and his minions are always standing in the temple that leads to the entrance of the Halls of Anguish. Any Fire or Cold Sorceress on a budget should be able to defeat him without much difficulty.

One important tip to note: you don’t want to get the Halls of Pain Waypoint in Nihlathak’s Temple because you’ll lose the Red portal and the ability to run effective Pindleskin’s runs. He deserves a spot on our list because of the easy access and the chance to drop almost any valuable item in the game.

The Mausoleum

It’s an 85 level area that you can find at Burial Grounds, outside of the Cold Plains. The Mausoleum is an ideal area for Magic Finding early in the ladder due to the absence of cold immune monsters.

The enemies there are moving very slowly, making it a safe place to farm. The only downside is the low density of the monsters in comparison to other 85 level areas like the Pit or the Chaos Sanctuary.


Andariel is the final Boss of Act 1 and she’s located in the 4th level of the Catacombs. She has a -50% fire resistance, resulting in an easy Boss to farm early in the ladder. Her drop table includes a variety of items that benefit almost any kind of character. Also, she is a great source of unique jewelry or powerful items such as Shako, the Oculus or Viper Magi.

Eldtrich and Shenk

These are two of the easiest Bosses to Magic Find. You can easily access them at the beginning of Act 5, at Frigid Highlands and Bloody Foothills.

One of the benefits to farm Shenk is once you kill him, a meteor rains down destroying the rest of his minions. However, Eldtrich and Shenk always spawn as cold immune. This is limiting you to magic finding these bosses early in the game as a Fire Sorceress.