Paladin Builds

List of popular D2R Paladin Builds

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Paladin is a strong class for fighting against monsters and especially Bosses. Some Paladin builds such as the Hammerdin are powerful in Player Versus Player battles as well. Paladins are also great supporters of any party as they can use their Auras to enchant their allies.

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Diablo 2 Paladin Builds

The Most Popular Diablo 2 Paladin Builds​

  • Auradin: This build utilizes mostly his offensive Auras in order to deal damage to its opponents. Although there are several types of Auradins, usually they don’t fight on the front line.
  • Avenger: This type of Paladin specializes in dealing a wide variety of elemental damage, so there wouldn’t be any monsters immune to its attacks. An Avenger uses Conviction and Vengeance as his main skills.
  • Charger: This kind of Paladin uses Charge as the primary skill. It is capable of dealing great damage, especially for single targets. However, it’s not the best option for controlling crowds, because you will have to rush non-stop from one target to another. In addition, a Charger is powerful when fighting versus Casters at PvP fights.
  • Cleric: It’s a special Paladin build that focuses on keeping its teammates alive. To do so, it utilizes the healing skills such as Holy Bolt, Prayer, Cleansing and Meditation. A Cleric is a valuable addition to any party that lacks a defensive set up.
  • FoHer: This name is an abbreviation of the build’s main skill, the Fist of the Heavens. It’s much more effective in PvP fights rather than fighting versus monsters. Also, a FoHer uses Conviction in order to maximize the Fists of Heaven potential. The FoHer is also known as the Fistadin.
  • Hammerdin: It’s probably the most-played character build in Diablo 2. This is because a well-equipped Hammerdin can deal massive amounts of damage using Blessed Hammer in both PvE and PvP duels. In fact, it’s one of the top builds for dueling. The perfect items for a Hammerdin are quite expensive though, due to the popularity of the build.
  • Mage: This is actually a hybrid build that combines the Hammerdin and the FoHer builds.
  • Pindlesdin: This build is a cheap and easy way to farm (kill many times) Pindleskin. To achieve that, the build relies on the Holy Bolt skill. This attack can only damage undead monsters, so it’s useless for fighting other players. There are several more areas with level 85 monsters that you can farm with ease.
  • Ranger: As the name indicates, this builds takes advantage of the ranged weapons and especially Crossbows, in combination with the offensive Auras. A Ranger Paladin often uses Fanaticism, Holy Shock, Holy freeze and Conviction for maximizing his damage.
  • Smiter: Its main skill is Smite which can stun the enemy it hits. Further, a Smiter uses Crushing Blow in order to slay easily Act Bosses. Unique monsters and even Uber Bosses.
  • Zealot: This build relies on the Zeal skill along with Fanaticism Aura. This way it has a very fast attack speed and can strike multiple targets at once. The Zealot is more effective for killing monsters rather than dueling.