Ranger Paladin Build

skills, and a stat point distribution, pros and cons for the Diablo 2 Ranger Paladin build

diablo 2 ranger build
Art by shiprock

The Ranger is a Diablo 2 Paladin build that uses Crossbows or Bows as the primary weapon. Also, this type of Paladin utilizes its Auras (such as Fanaticism, Conviction, Holy Freeze) in order to increase the damage.

Although this build seems fancy, it’s actually hard to play and requires a lot of kiting (hit-and-run). This is because Paladins don’t have any skills except the Auras to support ranged weapons. However, they can take advantage of specific items that provide this kind of skills like Guided Arrow.

Ranger Build Skills

Since this build has many variations rather than a specific route, it’s recommended to max out two of the skills below along with their synergies.

Holy Fire (synergies: Resist Fire and Salvation)

The power of Holy Fire isn’t in the aura itself but the type of elemental damage it deals. You can use the Kuko Shakaku to acquire the Explosive arrows effect. Any sources of fire damage you have (from items, skills or Auras) will be added to the explosion’s splash damage.

In addition, the explosion effect stuns everything it hits and it triggers every time. This makes it the Ranger’s best attack for killing large groups of enemies. Further, the Explosive Arrows grants you a hidden Attack Rating bonus, allowing your arrows to hit more often. The only drawback of Fire Damage is that many monsters in Hell are immune to Fire. This is the reason you should have an alternative attack.

Holy Freeze (synergies: Resist Cold and Salvation)

The advantage of Holy Freeze is that it deals decent damage while slowing enemies as well, so it fits the role very well.

Holy Shock (synergies: Resist Lightning and Salvation)
This seems to be the worst option. Despite having a high maximum damage, the average damage isn’t much better than Holy Freeze. Also, it hasn’t got any AoE (Area of Effect) properties, resulting in a bad choice for Hell difficulty.

Fanaticism (synergy: Blessed Aim)

If you use this Aura in combination with Windforce Bow, you can reach almost 10,000 damage. It’s more effective for killing single enemies. However, it lacks any AoE properties.

Fists of the Heavens (synergies: Holy Shock and Conviction)

A decent combination of Fist of the Heavens and Holy Shock along with Conviction Aura can be an excellent way to slay powerful single enemies. In addition, it’s a good backup attack versus monsters that are immune to your main attack. Finally, you can use it as an AoE attack against undead monsters.

Blessed Hammer (synergies: Concentration and Vigor)

Its damage won’t be high, but if you invest enough points and use the gear, it can be a backup attack. when you get overwhelmed in hell. It’s useful as a defensive barrier when your enemies overwhelm you. However, you probably won’t have enough mana to use it as a regular attack.

Finally, place a single point on Vigor as it is an excellent skill for hit-and-run tactics.

Ranger Build Equipment

A popular weapon for the Ranger is the Buriza-Do Kyanon. It’s a unique crossbow with mods that can slow down the enemies. An alternative choice is the Widowmaker that provides the Guided Arrow skill or the Witchwild String that grants the Magic Arrow attack.

Ranger Build Stats

Strength: Spend points here until you can equip your best items.

Dexterity: Invest as many points here as your best weapon requires.

Vitality: Place all the remaining points in your Life pool.

Energy: Don’t touch this attribute because you won’t face any mana problems