Paladin Mage Build

Learn more about the Diablo 2 Mage Paladin Build, its skills, stats and equipment

diablo 2 mage build
Art by Wu Tong

The Mage is a hybrid Paladin build that combines the Hammerdin and the FoHer builds. It is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage using the skills Blessed Hammer, Fist of the Heavens along with the Conviction Aura.

Mage Build Skills

The final point distribution depends on your choice. You can go for higher Blessed Hammer damage, higher Fists of the Heavens’ damage or a mix of these two.

Below there are the primary skills that you’re going to invest in the majority of your points:

  • Vigor: You need this aura only because it provides synergy to Blessed Hammer. If you want to max out Blessed Hammer’s potential, you should spend some points on this skill.
  • Blessed Hammer: This is one of your two main attacks. It’s a powerful skill for both PvE and PvP fights. If you max out its synergies as well, it can reach an extreme damage potential.
  • Blessed Aim: It increases your attack rating but you want to spend points on this skill because it boosts Blessed Hammer’s damage.
  • Fist of the Heavens: This is the build’s most powerful skill for fighting versus other players. It’s also effective in PvE but not versus lightning immune monsters.
  • Holy Shock: This Aura provides +7% Lightning damage per level to Fist of Heavens. It deals damage too but most of the time you want to have Conviction aura activated.
  • Conviction: It’s your most powerful aura. It decreases enemies’ defense and resistances, boosting your damage.
  • Holy Shield: If you desire to reach the max block chance, consider spending a single point in Holy Shield. It increases your chance to block, allowing you to spend fewer points in Dexterity.

Mage Build Equipment

Despite the route you wish to follow, the recommended items are the following:

  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope
  • Wizardspike
  • Shako (ber)
  • 2 Stone of Jordan
  • 2x Spirit (shield type may vary, use an Akaran Targe with 45 to all resists mod if possible)
  • Sandstorm Treks
  • Magefists
  • Arach’s
  • Call to Arms in a mace with a +3 to Fist of the Heavens, and preferably a +3 to Conviction
  • Small Charms that boosts your Life points and if possible +5 all resistances
  • Many Grand Charms that enchants the Paladin’s Combat skills


Mage Build Stats

Strength: Spend as many points as your endgame gear requires.

Dexterity: Invest points in this attribute until you can equip your best items. Spend a few more points if you want to achieve the max block chance (75%).

Vitality: You should invest all your remaining points in your life pool.

Energy: Keep this attribute at the base. You might face some mana issues at the earlier stages of the game. However, as you gain more levels and items that boost your mana points, these issues will fade.