Auradin Build

Learn about Diablo 2 Auradin build skills, equipment and stat point distribution

diablo 2 auradin build
Art by Noxyp

The Auradin is a Paladin Build which utilizes Auras and mostly the offensive ones in order to harm its opponents. The aim of an Auradin is to take advantage of multiple Auras for maximizing its damage.

An Auradin doesn’t always fight on the front line. His playstyle includes evading incoming attacks by teleporting and running away, while the Auras are dealing damage to nearby enemies. However, Auradins can also deal a high amount of damage when they hit.

There are several categories of Auradins:

Holy Fire Auradin (also known as Dragon paladin)

This type of Auradin focuses on maximizing the potential of the Holy Fire aura. Its excellent damage capabilities last until Hell Difficulty though. There, the damage output is reduced significantly. Even if you have the best synergy items of all offensive Auras, you will deal the least damage in comparison to any other type of Auradin.

Holy Fire Auradin Skills

The main Aura of the build is Conviction. This skill can break immunities and resistance to fire. As a result, the Holy Fire Aura’s damage (gained from items) will be greater than investing 20 points in the skill itself.

The primary skills (20 points) of the build are the following:

  • Resist Fire: Even if you get the aura from your items, it will still provide synergy to the Holy Fire.
  • Holy Shield: It grants defense bonuses to your shield.
  • Salvation: It provides synergy to Holy Fire.
  • Conviction 

Further, you should spend a point on the following skills:

  • Zeal: This is your main attack skill. You have better to invest only a point though because your items can further boost this skill. It works very well in combination with Holy Fire Aura, providing massive amounts of damage.
  • Sacrifice: Spend a point as a prerequisite.
  • Smite: 1 Point
  • Holy Bolt: 1 Point
  • Blessed Hammer: 1 Point
  • Charge: 1 Point. It’s a very useful skill for dueling.
  • Might: 1 Point
  • Holy Fire: Invest only a point, because your Holy Fire Aura will come from your items, while you’re using the Conviction Aura.
  • Holy Freeze: 1 Point
  • Sanctuary: 1 Point
  • Thorns: 1 Point

Holy Fire Auradin Equipment



  • Harlequin Crest: It’s your best choice. If you have low resistances, you can place an Um rune in it.


  • Hand of Justice: It provides you with the Holy Fire Aura and it stacks with your shield and armor bonuses


  • Dragon (Shield Version): It’s one of the three items that will grant you the Holy Fire Aura.


  • Dragon (Armor Version): The last of your items with the Holy Fire Aura.


  • Arachnid Mesh: It’s the best option.
  • Verdungo’s: It’s a decent alternative.


  • Dracul’s Grasp


  • Soul Drainer
  • Magefists


  • Sandstorm Trek boots: They offer very good bonuses to a Paladin.


  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band: It boosts your skills by 1.
  • Raven Frost: For the Cannot Be frozen effect.


  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope: For the additional resistances and stats
  • The Rising Sun: It boosts your Fire skills.

Weapon/Shield switch:

  • Call to Arms and Spirit Shield.


  • Hellfire Torch
  • Annihilus.

Tesladin Build

The Tesladin relies on the Holy Shock aura. The backup attacks are the skills Holy Freeze and Zeal.

Tesladin Build Skills

Primary skills:

  • Holy Shock: 20 points
  • Salvation: 20 points. It’s a synergy to Holy Shock.
  • Resist Lightning: 20 points. It’s also a synergy to Holy Shock.
  • Holy Freeze: 20 points
  • Zeal: 4 points

In addition, spend 1 point on some 1-point-wonders or the skills you find useful.

Omnidin Build

The Omnidin is a flexible kind of Auradin build that takes advantage of Runeword items. The aim is to project multiple elemental Auras around the character, the party members, and the mercenaries.

An Omnidin is able to stack Holy Shock, Holy Freeze, Holy Fire, Redemption and Defiance as passive skills. This enables the Auradin to use mostly Fanaticism and switch auras only for special situations. Other options are the Salvation Aura for improved resists and Conviction Aura to reduce monster resistances.

The Omnidin’s greatest advantage is the ability to merge well with other powerful builds of the class such as Smiter, Zealot, and Avenger.

Omnidin Build Skills

Although you can spend some points on any skill you wish, you should consider the following choices:

  • Zeal or Vengeance: For melee attacks
  • Blessed Hammer and Fist of the Heavens: For magical attacks
  • Holy Shield: 20 points
  • Fanaticism: Your primary Aura
  • Conviction: For breaking monsters’ immunities
  • Salvation:
  • Sacrifice and Defiance: Just their synergies with Holy Shield and Zeal.

Omnidin Build Equipment


  • Dream Bone Visage
  • Diadem: For level 15 Holy Shock Aura.


  • Highlord’s Wrath
  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope


  • Doom Berserker Axe: For level 12 Holy Freeze Aura.


  • Dragon Archon Plate: For level 14 Holy Fire Aura.


  • Exile Ethereal Zakarum shield: it provides +2 to Offensive Auras and level 14 Defiance Aura.


  • Soul Drainer
  • Laying of Hands


  • Raven Frost: For the Cannot be Frozen effect.
  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band
  • Stone of Jordan or Carrion Wind: You can use them as alternatives until you find the above rings.


  • Thundergod’s Vigor
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord
  • Arachnid Mesh


  • Gore Rider
  • War Traveler
  • Sandstorm Trek

Auradin Build Stats

The Stats points’ distribution is the same for all types of Auradin:

Strength: Spend exactly as many points as your best gear requires.

Dexterity: Invest enough points for max block or enough so you can equip your proper items.

Vitality: Spend all your points left on your life pool.

Energy: Don’t touch this attribute.