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we look at Diablo 2 forums and how they can help you in these situations.

diablo 2 forums
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Diablo 2 forums around the web are very popular among the community as they provide many benefits to the players. It is the best way for players to communicate and help each other.

You can use several of the Diablo 2 forums for different reasons:

Characters’ strategies

You can ask more experienced players to help you with your favorite build and class. When, for example, you may be struggling to pass a stage of the game.

Also, you may not be sure exactly how to distribute your skill points or what items are best for your build. Other users can help a lot with your questions.


This is probably the greatest reason for the forums’ popularity. Since the platform of the game is not very handy for finding users to trade your items, forums can provide a very useful alternative.

You can post what items you want to sell, buy or even exchange for something you need. Further, you can figure out what is the correct price for a valuable item you own.

Finding teammates for multiplayer games or PvP battles

Although it is often easy to find other players to join your games through Battle.net, you can create a more organized and effective party using the forums. This way, you can make faster runs with trusted teammates. You can agree to share the valuable items from your runs as well.

Fighting with random players is not always fun if their items and potential are not even. Therefore, many players arrange PvP games using the forums, such as party vs party fights.

Technical problems

If you’re facing a technical issue, such as installation problems, don’t hesitate to browse the forums or even post your problem if no working solution is available. Other players might have already experienced and fixed a similar problem.

General forum rules

Although each forum has its own rules, there are some common guidelines that all of them are sharing. If you are already a member of any forum around the web, you should be aware of these guidelines. The most important of these rules are:

  • Do not create a new thread, if your question is already answered. You should always search the forums before you post a question. All sites are providing a search tab, usually at the top right corner.
  • Do not be offensive towards other players.
  • Be polite and do not demand things from other users.
  • Do not try to scam other players
  • Do not spread false information about the game (stats, builds etc)
  • Do not post suspicious links that intend to harm the users or are related to inappropriate content.

Below is a list of the most popular Diablo 2 forums:

Blizzard forums

These forums are a great place for answers to technical problems and to report bugs. You can also learn when the ladder is going to reset and what changes the new ladder will bring to the game.

Although Blizzard doesn’t have an exclusive section for Diablo 2 on their forums, it still remains the most trusted source (because it is official) for updates and news.

They have a section for the company’s classic games, but the majority of the posts are related to Diablo 2.

D2jsp forums

These are the most popular forums among the Diablo 2 community. D2jsp was established in 2003 and remains famous until today. There is a large number of users that can help with many things including gameplay and strategy.

Further, you can find teammates that match your level for every kind of run. You can find rivals for PvP games as well.

However, D2jsp forums are popular mainly for their trading market. With this huge fanbase, it is unlikely that you will not find to trade your items. In case you’re searching for a specific item or you want to sell a valuable item you don’t need, you should visit this place.

By browsing these trading forums, you can organize a strategy for creating wealth in the game as well. For example, you can farm Perfect Gems and Grand Large Charms in order to craft Charms that boost some skills (skillers), and then exchange them for expensive Runes. Then, you can gather many Runes for crafting higher ones, and exchange them for valuable items using these forums!

Note that you should select the proper section according to the server you are currently playing (Europe, Asia etc). This way, you will be able to meet with the players in the game.

Diabloii.net forums

The first ever post at Diabloii.net forums were created back in early 2004, but they are still active.

With thousands of questions already answered, there is a high chance you will find what you are looking for just by browsing the site. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to start your own forum thread!

One of their most popular sections is the Newcomer thread. For this reason, they are probably the best for players that are new to the game.

Moreover, these forums have sections about Single Player and Realm Trading, PvP, class builds and a separate section for trade values.

Reddit’s Diablo 2 forums

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you will already know that has different subreddit for every subject. And Diablo 2 is no exception!

There, the users are discussing literally everything related to the game, from class builds and trade values to Diablo 2 fan art and screenshots.

In addition, you can see other players’ opinion about the game’s sections, or just have fun and joke with other online friends.

Codeweavers Forums

Codeweavers may be not a famous Diablo 2 forum as there aren’t a lot of sections there. However, their users focus mainly on the technical problems of the game. Thus, it still remains a good source for dealing with technical issues such as installation problems or if the game is crashing unexpectedly.

Other Diablo 2 forums that are not very active:

The Diablo 2 forums can really transform your game experience and improve your game progress. If you aren’t using them already, you should give them a try, especially if you are new to the game. What is your favorite Diablo 2 forum? Let us know!