Amazon Builds

List of popular D2R Amazon Builds

The Amazon is a character inspired by Greek mythology. In general, she is deadly when focusing on a single enemy. Also, she can take down large groups of monsters with successive and quick hits. In addition, Amazons can dodge incoming attacks and add elemental damage to their skills. They are effective in both PvE and PvP. Also make sure to read our Barbarian vs. Amazon Face-Off

Diablo 2 Amazon Builds
Art by Daryl Mandryk

The Most Popular Diablo 2 Amazon Builds​

  • Bowazon: This name describes Amazons that use a bow or a crossbow as a weapon and invest their points mostly on “Bow and Crossbow” skill tree. Bowazon is a versatile build, so it has many variations.
  • Javazon: This term describes Amazons that take advantage of “Javelin and Spear skills”. They use javelins or a spear for their main weapon. Same as the Bowazon, this build is very versatile and has lots of different variations, such as the Lightning Javazon or the less common Poison Javazon. Some common traits of Javazons are the use of Pierce and Penetrate skills.
  • Fendazon: It’s a build that takes advantage of “Fend” skill. The outcome is a powerful melee fighter that can quickly kill large groups of monsters.
  • Lightjab Amazon (or Thunderfury): This type of Amazon is based on Lightning Fury and Jab skills. It requires powerful items for reaching its full potential, so it’s weak at the early stages of the game.
  • Hybridazon: This is a combination of two other Amazon’s builds, like Passivazon and Javazon. It often utilizes Valkyrie and an elemental skill. One of the most powerful builds for PvE and Magic Finding.
  • Angelzon: This build depends on equipment rather than the skills and synergies. Angelzon players mostly use items with the following effects “chance to cast spell/skill on hit” or “attacker receives damage of x”. Because of these effects, the build is more effective in combination with multi-attack skills such as Lightning Fury, Jab, Fend, Strafe, Multiple Shot and Guided Arrow.
  • Fire and Ice Bowazon: It relies on both Freezing Arrow and the Immolation Arrow.
  • Passivezon: This is a less common build that relies exclusively on the “Passive and Magic skills” of the class. A Passivezon has many choices regarding her equipment as she doesn’t limit herself to the use of bow/crossbow or javelin/spear only weapon. Her most identifying skills are Decoy and Valkyrie, Penetrate and Avoid/Evade.
  • Plagazon: A less common build alternative to Lightjab. It depends on the Plague Javelin and Poison Javelin skill.

Bowazons and Javazons have many subcategories depending on whether they focus on Poison or Lightning skills (Javazons), Cold or Fire Arrows (Bowazons) or Passive skills.