Fendazon Build

All information you need about skills, stats of the Diablo 2 Fendazon build

fendazon build
Fan Art by Keldrom

The main trait of this Amazon build is the use of the Fend skill. This results in a melee fighter with much durability that can take down quickly large groups of monsters.


Fendazon Build Skills

The Fendazon build relies mostly on the left side of the “Javelin and Spear skills” tree and some passive and magic skills too.

If you decide to play as a Fendazon, you should max out the Decoy and Fend skill, as these are your primary skills.

From the passive skills, the best options are the Critical Strike and Penetrate. You don’t have to max out these skills, but place at least 10 points to them.


About Valkyrie

Normally Valkyrie provides any Amazon with a useful, healthy tank. But there is a glitch in the Fend skill: every time the character’s attack is interrupted, all following attacks will automatically miss. The character is locked in place during this time (similar bug with Strafe).

Also, Valkyrie has as prerequisites the Evade, Avoid and Dodge skills. Therefore, there is a chance that one of the above skills will interrupt Amazon’s attack and as a result to nullify the Fend attack. This can cause a serious problem.

On the other hand, a high-level Valkyrie offers enough damage and sustainability to be ignored without a second thought. The final decision depends totally on your preference.

If you decide to play with a Valkyrie, max the skill, but don’t place more than one point to Evade, Dodge and Avoid. A max level Valkyrie in combination with a max level Decoy (for the synergies) deal impressive amounts of damage and they are very difficult to kill.

In the case you don’t choose the Valkyrie path, it’s better to invest the points to an elemental skill from “Javelin and Spear skills” tree. In addition, you can spend some points in Passive and Magic skills such as Inner Sight.

Fendazon Build Stats

Invest enough points in Strength and Dexterity, until you can equip the proper gear and top-level spears or javelins.

Keep your Energy at the base as the other attributes are much more important. Place all remaining points in Vitality.

Fendazon Build Equipment

The Fendazon is a melee build; therefore maximizing the damage output is essential. In general, the best choice is a spear, as the two-handed weapons provide more damage. But a combination of javelin and a shield offers more flexibility. The final choice is yours.

There are plenty of items to choose for a Fendazon. Search for items that increase your attack rating, health, resistances, and boost your passive and active skills. Items that reduce the damage taken can help with the Fend bug.

For Charms, use Annihilus, Hellfire Torch and charms that boost javelin and spear skills.


  • Arioc’s Needle: + skills, High Attack Speed, Deadly Strike.
  • Hone Sundan: For the Crushing blow effect.
  • Steel Pillar: High Damage and Crushing Blow.
  • Viperfork: High attack speed and poison damage.
  • Stoneraven: Bonus to Resistances and spear and javelin skills.
  • Lycander’s Flank: Bonus to Amazon skills, Vitality and Strength.


  • Thunderstroke: + to javelin and spear skills, Lightning damage.
  • Titan’s Revenge: + to Amazon skills, Vitality and Strength bonuses.
  • Gargoyle’s Bite: Poison damage and High life leeching.
  • Demon’s Arch: Lightning damage and Life Leeching.


  • Enigma


  • Chains of Honor


  • Stone


  • Duress


  • Steel Carapace


  • Tyrael’s Might


  • Guillaume’s Face.


  • Valkyrie Wing


  • Kira’s Guardian


  • Veil of Steel


  • Giant Skull



  • Gore Rider


  • Goblin Toe


  • Sandstorm Trek


  • War Traveler


  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord


  • Nosferatu’s Coil


  • Thundergod’s Vigor


  • Laying of Hands


  • Steelrend


  • Soul Drainer


  • Lava Gout


  • Raven Frost


  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band


  • Nature’s Peace


  • Carrion Wind


  • The Cat’s Eye


  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope


  • Atma’s Scarab



The best option is probably a Desert Mercenary with Holy Freeze aura or Might. Holy Freeze will slow down the enemies, providing your party more durability. Might increases your damage output, so you can take down enemies faster.

Your main tactic is to stay back, while your mercenary, Decoy or Valkyrie lure the enemies and gather them to a spot. Then you can advance and attack the groups using the Fend skill.