Angelzon Build

Learn more about Diablo 2 Angelzon build, its skills, stats and equipment

Angelzon build
Fan Art by Keldrom

The Angelzon build relies mostly on equipment rather than the skills. It takes advantage of items with the effects “%chance to cast spell/skill on striking”, “attacker receives damage of x” and “chance to cast a spell when hit”. As a result, it’s effective versus large groups of enemies.

This type of Amazon definitely seems cool, but it’s pretty weak until you have some powerful high-level items. Even so, it may be a better option to invest in a build capable of dealing much higher damage to a little smaller amount of enemies.

Angelzon Build Skills

As above mentioned, an Angelzon often uses items with bonuses like “chance to cast a spell on hit”. Many of her skills are coming from her items, so they are more effective with multi-attack skills. These are Strafe, Guided Arrow, Multiple Shot, Lightning Fury, Fend, Slow Missiles, and Jab. So you want to have maxed out at least one of these.

Some common paths for Angelzons are:

  • Maxing out Decoy, Valkyrie and a skill like Slow Missiles. Place just one point to their prerequisites.
  • Utilizing of Bowazon crowd control skills such as Multiple Shot, Strafe and Freezing Arrow. This way your items have a higher chance to trigger. In addition, you can use spells like Dim Vision, Blind and Freeze to keep all enemies at one spot while the effects are damaging them.

Angelzon Build Stats

Invest enough points to Strength to wear the suitable items.

Don’t invest more points in Dexterity than your equipment requires.

Spend a lot of points in Vitality as you need much sustainability. Use items with life replenishments effect and life potions for a better life regeneration.

Keep Energy at the base. Use mana charms and mana potions if you’re having problems with your mana pool.


Angelzon Build Equipment

Good choices for an Angelzon are items with the effect “chance to cast static field when hitting”, so you can lower the enemy’s health by 25% at once. For this reason, you have better to wear the Cow Set. The Hwanin armor set provides this effect too but with a lower chance. This makes it perfect for your mercenary though (more info below).

Helm: Cow (Attacker Takes Damage, lvl 5 Chain Lightning when hit)

Belt: Razortail (Attacker Takes Damage)

Gloves: Crafted – Hit Power (lvl 4 Frost Nova, Attacker Takes Damage)

Boots: Cow (lvl 5 Static when hit)

Two-handed weapon: Stormrider: (lvl 5 Charged Bolt when hit, Attacker Takes Lightning Damage)

Stormspire: (lvl 31 Charged Bolt when hit, lvl 5 Chain Lightning when hit, Attacker Takes Lightning Damage)

One-handed Weapon: Dark Clan Crusher

Tiamat’s Rebuke (lvl 6 Hydra when hit, lvl 7 Nova when hit, lvl 9 Frost Nova when hit.)

Amulet: Rising Sun (lvl 1-10 Meteor when hit)

Ring: Dwarfstar: (lvl 4 Frost Nova, Attacker Takes Damage)


An Angelzon’s ideal companion is an Act 2 mercenary with the effect of thorn aura. This way your Decoy and Valkyrie will take advantage of the aura as well. Unfortunately, they don’t receive the bonus effects from your items.