Hybridazon Build

All about Skills, stats for the Diablo 2 Hybridazon build, one of the most common Amazon builds

hybridazon build
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Hybridazon is a combination of two other Amazon builds. For example, you can combine the Javazon with the Passivezon, Javazon/Bowazon or Passivezon/Bowazon. This is a great type of Amazon for PvM and leveling.

You have many options to choose from and the chance to create a special and a powerful build. Let’s go deeper into the most popular category of a Hybridazon, the mix of Passivazon/Javazon.

Passivazon/Javazon Skills


This build performs great versus a large group of monsters. If you try a Hybridazon for the first time, we recommend you follow the steps below:

  • You will need to get all prerequisites from the Passivazon (Passive and Magic skills tree)
  • Then, invest about 5 to 10 skill points in Inner Sight (the defense decrease effect is very useful)
  • After you unlock the Valkyrie skill, invest as many points as you can. By the time you will be 40 level, you should have about 10 points in Valkyrie.
  • Don’t place any more points in Pierce, Critical Strike and Penetrate, at least for now
  • Place a point to all prerequisites from Javazon skills (Javelin and Spear skills) too.
  • Invest 5 points into Power Strike and then max out Lightning Strike.
  • Once you have a top-level Lightning Strike, max out your Valkyrie.
  • You can invest your remaining points into Evade, Avoid, Dodge or Critical Strike.

After following these steps, your Lightning Strike should deal 1-250 shock damage and about 13 chain hits.

In Nightmare and Hell mode, the Valkyrie acts as a very durable tank with approximately 2400 Health Points. Also, it gets back its total health when re-summoned. However, Pierce, Penetrate, and Critical Strike doesn’t have much of an impact to Valkyrie.

When playing at higher levels, Decoy isn’t very helpful as it gains only 200 percent of your life. It will have about 600 HP, not a lot for playing in Hell mode. It’s a powerful tool in Normal though.

Having your most-used skills in your Hotkeys will make your life easier. These skills are:

  • Inner Sight: it’s your initiation for fighting groups of enemies as it lowers their defense.
  • Lightning Strike: Your primary skill, very effective for fighting large groups.
  • Valkyrie: You don’t have to spam this skill unless you need to restore its health.

Passivazon/Javazon Tactics

Your main tactic is to run around the enemies to lure them all to your Valkyrie. Once Valkyrie gets the aggression (aggro) of the monsters, advance and spam Lightning Strike. The amazing 12-13 chain hits will hit everything around you.

Passivazon/Javazon Equipment

You have plenty of items to choose from depending on your preference and playstyle. But with a non-stop Chain Lightning, you will need an item with mana regeneration, such as 3 to 7% regenerated for every physical strike.


Your second best companion after Valkyrie is an Act 2 (Nightmare) mercenary with Holy Freeze Aura. A Hireling with Might aura can be helpful too.