Passivezon Build

All About skills, stats  for the Diablo 2 Passivezon Build

passivezon build
Image: Blizzard Enterntainment

The Passivezon is a not so popular Amazon Build that relies exclusively on “Passive and Magic skills” tree unless you want to follow a more hybrid build.

In comparison to other builds of the class, the Passivezon is much more flexible in terms of equipment. It doesn’t focus only on Bows/Crossbows or Javelins/Spears.

The passive abilities such as Pierce and Penetrate apply to all weapons and not only to Amazon’s exclusive weapons. In addition, the build can take advantage of the unique item’s bonus effects like Deadly Strike or Open wounds.

The critical chance of Deadly Strike doesn’t stack with Amazon’s Critical Strike rate, but still, there is a profit for having both bonuses. This is because if your passive skill’s critical chance fails to activate, then you have a second chance for a critical hit from your item’s effect.

Passivezon Skills

For maximum sustainability, it’s better to max out the following skills:

  • Penetrate
  • Avoid or Evade. Some players max out both of them.
  • Decoy: a useful tool for distracting enemies, with decent damage as well.
  • Valkyrie: your best friend throughout the game. A very strong tank with efficient damage. The ability to gain back its full health when you re-summon it makes it your best skill.

Also, place at least a point to all other skills from the ‘Passive and Magic skills’ tree. Then you can focus on the most helpful skills such as Inner Sight or Critical Strike, depending on your preference. Items with +skills bonus will help you improve your skills too.

Passivezon Stats

Since this kind of build is very versatile, the distribution of the points here is highly dependent on your preference of playstyle, and the type of weapon you will use.

In general, you will need to invest some points into Strength, so you can equip your favorite items.

Dexterity is probably the most important attribute for every Amazon. Since you have enough sustainability from your passive skills and your Valkyrie, you should invest a lot of points here.

If you want to follow a full defensive route, then spend your points on your Vitality.

You don’t need more mana because you don’t spam any skills. So keep your Energy at the base.


Same as with the most of this class builds, your best option for a hireling is probably an Act 2 mercenary from Nightmare difficulty. An offensive one with Might aura will help you, your Valkyrie and your Decoy deal higher damage. A defensive mercenary though with Holy Freeze Aura will grant you more survival ability.