Lightjab Amazon Build

Find out all about the Diablo 2 Lightjab build – Skills, stats and more

Lightjab build
Fan Art by Zhi Hao Hong

This is an Amazon build based on two skills, Lightning Fury and Jab. This way, the build can perform well versus large groups of monsters and single enemies too.  However, the damage depends on the items, so it’s weak in early stages of the game. Once you find the suitable items in higher difficulty modes, the build becomes much stronger.

Apart from items, Lightjab Amazon has a fast attack speed and increased Dexterity. New players may have a hard time to play with this build though. To reach its maximum potential, this type of Amazon requires a specific strategy and tactics


Lightjab Build Skills

Max out Jab and especially Lightning Fury as they are your main skills. If you wish to spend more points on passive skills, you can invest only 10 points only to Jab.

The following skills provide synergy to Lightning Fury, (1% Lightning damage each per level), so investing points here is not a waste:

  • Power Strike+10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Charged Strike+10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Strike+8% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Bolt+3% Lightning Damage Per Level

They also receive synergies from Lightning Fury.

From the “Passive and Magic skills” tree max out Critical Strike. It provides critical strike which works with Lightning Fury and Jab.

Don’t spend more than one point to Penetrate unless you have issues with your attack rating.

Invest at least 5 points to Dodge, Avoid and Evade. Place at least one point to all other passive skills as well.

Many players max out Valkyrie too. Some others prefer to boost this skill through items as it enough life and defense to survive even at low levels. It also receives a bonus from Dodge, Evade and Avoid skills.


Strength: Invest as many points as your best gear requires.

Dexterity: This is the primary attribute for Thunderfury Amazon. Dexterity not only boost your offensive capabilities but also provides higher chance to block.

Vitality: It’s never bad to have increased Vitality on an Amazon. However, most players don’t spend many points here. They let the items boost this attribute instead.

Energy: Don’t place any points here. Your proper gear can cover your mana issues.

Lightjab Build Equipment

The best items for LightJab Amazon are Thunderstroke and Titan’s Revenge. They both enchant Amazon’s skills and provide the build with the damage it needs.

Titan’s Revenge is a most popular choice, due to its ability to replenish its quantity (1 in 3 seconds). Other items worth to mention are Valkyrie Wing and Griffons Eye.


Same with the most builds of the class, the best company for an Amazon is an Act 2 (Nightmare difficulty) Defensive mercenary with Holy Freeze Aura. You can consider the offensive version of it with Might too.