Javazon Build

Penetrate and Pierce with your Lightning or Poison Amazon

The Javazon term describes the Amazon builds that rely on “Javelin and Spear skills” tree and use javelins as their main weapon.

Just like the Bowazon, this build is very flexible and there are many ways to play with it. The common traits of all Javazons are the Penetrate and Pierce skills.

Penetrate is boosting the attack rating, a very important attribute for a Javazon (and a Bowazon).

Although many Javazon players don’t max Pierce, they invest many points to it and let the +skills equipment do the rest.

The most famous types of the build are the Lightning Javazon and the Poison Javazon.

There are multiple Runewords you can use, including Spirit, Chains of Honor and Enigma (which is expensive due to the Jah and Ber runes needed)

Diablo 2 Javazon Build

Lightning Javazons

This type of Javazon excels at dealing very high damage versus both single enemies and large groups of monsters. They have much sustainability and they are quite effective even without expensive equipment.

In general, Lightning Javazons take advantage of Lightning Fury to kill groups of monsters, Charged Strike versus powerful single enemies and Jab for dealing with monsters with lightning immunity.

 With the suitable items and the proper distribution of skill points, Javazons are probably the best crowd-killers of the game, especially in open spaces. They are great for cleaning places like the Secret Cow level, Baal and Chaos Sanctuary.

Javazon Skills + Stats

Lightning Javazons rely on Lightning Skills. Therefore, they max out Charged Strike, Power Strike, Lightning Fury and Lightning Strike.

The best performing among the above skills are the Lightning Fury and Charged Strike. They are dominating even in Hell mode without top gear. The rest of the points go to other useful Passive and magic skills like Dodge, Avoid, Critical Strike and Evade. Pierce works extremely well with Lightning Fury as well.

  • Strength: 156 points are enough for equipping Monarch in order to make the Spirit Rune Word or Stormshield.
  • Dexterity: Titan’s Revenge (one of the best javazon’s spears available) needs 109 dexterity.
  • Vitality: Invest all the remaining points here. Javazons doesn’t have strong resistances and still can’t always avoid taking damage.
  • Energy: Don’t spend any points here. Maybe the mana cost of the skills is expensive, but the proper equipment can help with it.

Poison Javazons

Javazons that rely on poison skills are a lot rarer. This type of build will max out Plague Javelin and Poison Javelin, trying to build a Poison-themed Amazon. It isn’t as powerful as a Lightning Javazon. However, its skills require fewer synergies, letting her invest in other Passive and Magic skills or to a skill like Fend.

Javazon Gear

As a Javazon, you’re aiming for items that grant bonus resistances, health, mana, attack speed, +skills and a faster run. You have to be very lucky if you manage to find an item that reduces the Lightning resistance of the enemies.


  • Titan’s Revenge
  • Thunderstroke


  • Jeweler’s Monarch of Deflecting with four lightning facets
  • Splendor Runeword
  • Spirit Runeword
  • Rhyme Runeword
  • Stormshield
  • Ancient’s Pledge Runeword





  • Thundergod’s Vigor
  • Razortail
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord
  • Arachnid Mesh


  • Any gloves with Increased Attack Speed, +skills, life and mana leeching
  • Lancer’s gloves of Alacrity




Act II mercenaries and their auras are the best companions of the Amazons. Also, mercenaries with Prayer effect in combination with the Insight Runeword, help javazons to regenerate mana faster.

The ideal weapon though is the Infinity Runeword. It may be expensive, but it casts Conviction Aura, which lowers the enemy lightning resistances by 85%. This extremely increases the Javazon’s damage output