The Stone of Jordan (SOJ)

Also called ‘SOJ’ – IS the Chad Ring in D2R and involved in farming Anni Charms
Because of its very large bonus to mana and boost of skills it’s often being used by casters as high-end gear. It is also being part of two receipts in “The Horadic Cube” and involved in spawning the boss “Uber Diablo” to get the unique charm Annihilus.

Stats and Properties

The Stone of Jordan
Required Level: 29
+1 to All Skills
Adds 1-12 lightning damage
+20 to Mana
Increase Maximum Mana 25%

What's the worth of The Stone of Jordan? How can I trade it in D2R?

Below is a list of variations we can get for you from our network of trusted trade partners:

Where can it drop?

This unique ring is being dropped randomly, but there are some locations where it’s way more likely to drop. The best way to farm SoJ is by slaying bosses. The bosses with the best chances to drop it are Andariel (on Nightmare), Diablo (on Normal) and Duriel (on Hell).

The odds are the best for nightmare Andariel, with the chances of around 1 in ~7.5k. Then normal Diablo with around 1 in ~9k and hell Duriel with around 1 in ~11.5k chance to drop the Stone of Jordan. As you can see the chances aren’t really that great.

Horadric Cube Recipes

This ring is also an ingredient in two different receipts for the Cube. 

  • 3 perfect skulls + 1 rare item + soj = add 1 socket to rare item. Rare Items only have one socket. You can only use it on items that don’t have a socket!
  • 1 perfect skull + 1 rare item + soj= 1 high quality rare item of same type.

How to spawn Uber Diablo

To spawn the boss, you have to sell Stones of Jordan rings to merchants. Yes, this sounds wasteful, but after you defeat the boss, you get the Annihilus, a unique and powerful charm.

Because it provides stats like +1 to All Skills and the increase of the Maximum Mana by 25%, this unique ring is often used in powerful builds and definitely worth searching for. And if you don’t want to use it in your build, you can use it for spawning the Uber Diablo by selling it to merchants or use it as ingredient in the Horardric Cube.