Plagazon Build

All About Skills and stats of the Diablo 2 Plagazon Build

plagazon build
Art by Nightblue-Art

Plagazon (or Poisonzon) is an Amazon category that relies on the Poison Javelin and Plague Javelin skills. It is a less popular alternative to the Lightjab (Thunderfury) build.

It depends less on synergies than the LightJab, resulting in more remaining points to spend on your Passive and Magic skills. Poison damage is maybe slow, but they have the potential for excessive damage output.

Plagazon Build Skills

You should max out your primary skills. These are:

  • Plague Javelin: This will be your most used skill. It’s more effective for crowd control versus large groups of monsters.
  • Poison Javelin: It’s more useful against single enemies. In addition, it grants synergy to Plague Javelin.


Other skills you should invest some points:

  • Valkyrie: Your best companion and a very durable tank. Spending points here it’s definitely not a waste.
  • Avoid, Evade and Dodge:They are prerequisites for Valkyrie and also help you avoid some hits.
  • Critical Strike: It doesn’t double your poison damage, so it’s not an important skill. Just one point is enough.
  • Penetrate: An increase in Attack Rating is never bad for an Amazon. You don’t need to spend more than a few points here if not just one.
  • Pierce: It’s very useful when fighting versus large groups of enemies as it helps you deal more damage. Invest at least 5 points in it.
  • Lightning Fury: It’s useful versus monsters with Poison Immunity and in PvP. You can spend some points here if you want to make a more hybrid build.
  • Passive and Magic Skills: Place at least one point to all passive skills. Then spend the remaining points as you prefer.

Plagazon Build Stats

Strength: Don’t invest more points here than your best gear requires.

Dexterity: This attribute is important for every type of Amazon. Place a lot of points in this attribute until you have the best possible block rate.

Vitality: Invest all your remaining points here.

Energy: Don’t place more than a few points in your Energy. It’s better to cover your mana issues with potions and items with mana bonus effects.

Regarding Immunities 

Plagazons enjoy the advantage of fighting fewer monsters that are immune to their element, compared to the most classes. However, the number of enemies with poison immunity increases significantly in Nightmare and Hell mode. Also, there are some enemies immune to both Lightning and Poison.


On Hell difficulty, it may be a good idea to get a Rogue Archer with Fire Arrow or Cold Arrow. This way you can deal with monsters with Poison immunity and especially enemies with both Lightning and Poison immunity, in the case you play as a hybrid with Lightning Fury.