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Diablo 2 Jewels

What are Jewels in D2R?

Jewels are a kind of item that you can insert into a Socketed item. They can have up to 4 different random attributes which become effective only after you socket them into an item. Also, before you can insert a Jewel into an item, you have to identify it using the Tome of Identify. You can also take it to Deckard Cain so he can identify it for you.

In contrast to Gems and Runes, each Jewel provides random magic abilities rather than predetermined effects.

Often, Jewels are the best thing that you can insert into your favorite item. Their best bonuses are the Increased Damage (both Physical and Elemental), Increased Attack Speed and additional Resistances. There are many other nice stats that you can gain from a Jewel such as Mana and Life points, but they are worse in comparison to the same attributes from Gems or Runes.

In addition, Jewels do not change their bonuses when you socket them in different items, unlike the Runes and Gems. Therefore, they are a popular option for players that wish to have some extreme item customizers. They can provide bonuses for items that could not be possible to obtain otherwise.

Further, the Jewels can be Rare (up to 4 attributes), Magic or Unique. There are 8 different types of Unique Jewels in Diablo 2 and they all share the same name, which is Rainbow Facet.

Finally, Jewels can have Suffixes and Prefixes (that you can see below) and you can use them in some Horadric Cube Recipes. Thus, think twice before you discard a Jewel.

Socketing multiple runes in the right order into a base items results in a runeword, that grants special bonuses. Jewels don’t really work like that – only the properties of the individual jewels will be added up – there is no bonus appied.

Rare or Magic Jewels?

Rare jewels are more difficult to find and they can have up to 4 different bonuses. However, it’s not very likely that you will find one with any modifiers you really want. You will probably have only one socket in your best equipment as well, so you need to add something really powerful.

It doesn’t mean that a Rare Jewel is better just because it offers two more additional modifiers. A Rare jewel with 4 irrelevant bonuses for your character or mediocre modifiers is not better than a Magical Jewel with 1 or 2 really good bonuses.

Note that you can re-roll a Rare Jewel with the Horadric Cube using the 6 Perfect Skull Recipe. This has a maximum affix limit of item level 40 though, making it harder to find good modifiers.

You can see all the available Magic Prefixes and Suffixes of the game in the following tables:

Magic Prefixes

AffixItem TypeAttributesItem Level
BlanchedMagic or Rare+5-8 Defense1
EburineMagic or Rare+9-20 Defense16
BoneMagic or Rare+21-40 Defense32
IvoryMagic+41-64 Defense64
ScarletMagic or Rare+1-4 to Minimum Damage8
CrimsonMagic or Rare+5-8 to Minimum Damage38
CarbuncleMagic or Rare+1-5 to Maximum Damage12
CarmineMagic or Rare+6-9 to Maximum Damage35
VermilionMagic+11-15 to Maximum Damage58
CinnabarMagic or Rare+5-10% Enhanced Damage1
RustyMagic or Rare+11-20% Enhanced Damage13
RealgarMagic or Rare+21-30% Enhanced Damage45
RubyMagic+31-40% Enhanced Damage66
DunMagic or Rare+7-12% Damage Taken Goes to Mana7
BrownMagic or RareHeal Stamina Plus +10-15%39
ChestnutMagic or Rare+10-15 Max Stamina1
MaroonMagic or Rare+16-25 Max Stamina17
NickelMagic or Rare+10-20 to Attack Rating1
TinMagic or Rare+21-40 to Attack Rating8
SilverMagic or Rare+41-60 to Attack Rating25
ArgentMagic+61-100 to Attack Rating44
BrightMagic or Rare+1 to Light Radius +10 to Attack Rating1
EmeraldMagic or Rare+3-7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items16
ZirconMagic or Rare+5-10 Mana3
JacinthMagic or Rare+11-15 Mana17
TurquoiseMagic+16-20 Mana29
ShimmeringMagic or RareAll Resistances +5-10%16
ScintillatingMagicAll Resistances +11-15%34
Lapis LazuliMagic or RareCold Resist +5-15%2
SapphireMagic or RareCold Resist +16-30%19
GarnetMagic or RareFire Resist +5-15%2
RubyMagic or RareFire Resist +16-30%18
CamphorMagic or RareLightning Resist +5-15%2
AmbergrisMagic or RareLightning Resist +16-30%19
BerylMagic or RarePoison Resist +5-15%2
JadeMagic or RarePoison Resist +16-30%19
AureolicMagic or Rare+1-3 to Mana after each Kill22
DiamondMagic or Rare+25-50 to Attack Rating and +25-40% Damage versus Demons26
PearlMagic or Rare+25-50 to Attack Rating and +25-50% Damage versus Undead18

Magic Suffixes

AffixItem TypeAttributes Item Level
MaliceMagic or RareAttacker Takes Damage of 1-537
FervorMagic15% Increased Attack Speed39
FrigidityMagic or Rare1-5 Cold Damage – 2 Second Duration16
PassionMagic or Rare+1-3 Minimum and +6-10 Maximum Fire Damage15
EnnuiMagic or Rare+1 Minimum and +10-20 Maximum Lightning Damage15
IreMagic or Rare+2-5 To Maximum Damage4
WrathMagic or Rare+6-9 To Maximum Damage11
CarnageMagic+11-15 Maximum Damage25
JoyfulnessMagic or Rare+1-4 To Minimum Damage5
BlissMagic or Rare+5-10 To Minimum Damage43
EnvyMagic or Rare+20 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds1
TruthMagic or Rare7% Faster Hit Recovery44
HonorMagic or RareReplenish Life +1-447
AvariceMagic or Rare+10-30% More Gold1
ProsperityMagic or Rare+5-10% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items26
SpiritMagic or Rare+3-8 To Life1
HopeMagic+9-20 To Life45
FreedomMagic or RareRequirements -15%1
IcicleMagic or Rare+2-3 Minimum and +6-10 Maximum Cold Damage for 2 seconds37
GlacierMagic+4-5 Minimum and +11-15 Maximum Cold Damage for 2 seconds58
FireMagic or Rare+4-10 Minimum and +11-30 Maximum Fire Damage36
BurningMagic or Rare+11-25 Minimum and +31-50 Maximum Fire Damage57
LightningMagic or Rare+1 Minimum and +21-60 Maximum Lightning Damage36
ThunderMagic or Rare+1 Minimum and +61-100 Maximum Lightning Damage57
DaringMagic or Rare+1-3 Dexterity7
DaringMagic or Rare+4-6 Dexterity19
DaringMagic or Rare+7-9 Dexterity36
KnowledgeMagic or Rare+1-5 To Energy9
KnowledgeMagic or Rare+4-6 To Energy24
KnowledgeMagic or Rare+7-9 To Energy41
VirilityMagic or Rare+1-4 Strength18
VirilityMagic or Rare+5-6 Strength33
VirilityMagic or Rare+7-9 Strength50