Hellfire Torch

Torch is a must large charm for your char, offering all Res and Attributes
In Diablo II Resurrected, Hellfire Torch is one of many unique Large Charms in D2R. It is a small item, taking 2 Blocks of space if you want to store it in the inventory or stash. Your character needs to reach at least the Required Level of 75 to carry this item.

It is is very popular and can be obtained as a reward, after completing the Pandemonium Event. After identifying the Torch and placing it in your inventory, its passive bonuses  begin to work. It grants you bonuses like + to random character class, higher all resistance, a higer light radius and more. Note that the torch has to stay in the inventory to have the bonuses active. You can only have one torch in the inventory at a time.

The Hellfire Torch is a reward for completing the Pandemonium Event. To play this event, you have to find the Key of Terror, Key of Hate and the Key of Destruction 3 times first.
Then craft all 3 portals in Act 5, Harrogath with the Horadric Cube. After spawning them slay each boss in the portals, and pick up the organs. With these organs you can craft a new portal and trigger the Pandemonium Event.

Stats and Properties

Hellfire Torch
Large Charm
Required Level: 75
+0-6 to Amazon Skill Levels
+10-20 to all Attributes
All Resistances +10-20
+8 to Light Radius
Level 30 Hydra (0-10/10 Charges)

What's the worth of Hellfire Torch? How can I trade it in D2R?

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