Helm Runewords

Overview of the 5 Helm Runewords Delirium, Dream, Lore, Nadir, Radiance

In this article, you will learn all about the Helm runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected. This guide takes a look at what fits your build and how to make your character stronger by using the right Helm. The runewords are in a specific order, from early-game to end-game.


For the runeword Nadir, you need 1. Nef and 2. Tir rune. Your Helm needs exactly 2 Sockets, not more or less. To make Nadir, your character needs to be level 13 or higher. Nadir is a nice runeword to increase your Defense. The downside is the -33% Extra Gold from Monsters and the -3 Light Radius. With the increase in Defense comes +5 to Strenght and +2 Mana leech. So, if your character needs some extra Defense, this runeword helps you to survive longer and better during your fights against the enemies.


The runeword Radiance requires 1. Nef, 2. Sol and 3. Ith. Your Helms needs 3 Sockets to create Radiance. For Radiance, your character has to be level 27 or higher. This runeword comes beside its +75% Enhanced Defense with +10 to Energy, Vitality, and +33 to Mana.

Your Damage is being reduced by 7 and 15% of the Damage goes to Mana. If you lack some defense and want some more stats and mana on the side, this runeword is definitely a good addition.


Lore needs 1. Ort and 2. Sol. To make Lore, your base Helm needs 2 Sockets. Lore has a level 27 or higher requirement. This runeword grants your character +1 To All Skills, +10 to Energy, and even a little mana leech. It lacks a defensive bonus, but even besides that, the helmet is low-cost. Lore’s low cost and +1 To All Skills make it very popular for casters, as they are skill and mana dependent. These bonuses make Lore great, even without a defensive bonus


For the runeword Delirium, you need 1. Lem, 2. Ist, and 3. Io. Delirium requires 3 Sockets on your Helm. Your character needs to be level 51 or higher.

Delirium increases all skills of your character by 2. It comes with 4 skills that have a chance to cast when Struck, +261 Defense, and +10 to Vitality. For better farming, Delirium grants your character +50% extra gold from monsters and a 25% better chance of getting magic items.

This is truly one of the best runewords for you Helms in Diablo 2 Resurrected and recommended for every class, especially skill-dependent classes, like casters.


Dream needs 1. Io, 2. Jah and 3. Pul. For the runeword Dream, Helms need 3 Sockets. This runeword can only be equipped by level 65 characters. Note that Dream is a ladder-only runeword. This runeword increases your Defense by 150-220 and +30% Enhanced Defense. Your character gains +10 to Vitality, a little maximum life increase, and an all resistance bonus.

The runeword Dream also comes with an increase in mana. With Dream, your character will be tankier and survive longer and easier. Melee characters like Barbarians can make great use of Dream. The only point is the great expense. There is also a possibility, that you have to reroll many times to get a good All Resistances and Faster Hit Recovery bonus.

These are all the 5 runewords available for Helms in Diablo 2 Resurrected. These runewords can be a great addition to your characters, to compensate for weaknesses or emphasize strengths. Choose your Helms wisely, to not waste your hard-earned runes. Not a helm runeword, but white runeword is interesting too.