Great Necromancer only Hierophant Trophy that will up your defense

It is a Necromancer only item, that has strong defensive bonuses.
Besides it’s +2 to Curses Skills, it grants you Necromancer a high Chance of Blocking, faster Block Rate and boosts Mana and its regeneration. Many say it isn’t that useful, because although it’s boosting Curses by 2, Necromancers can only level Curses once. So many players rather use other Hierophant Trophies.

The Homunculus is a decent item. It has nice defensive abilities, that will definitely help your character to survive longer.

Stats and Properties

Hierophant Trophy
Defense: 177-213
Chance to Block: 72-82%
Durability: 20 of 20
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 42
+2 to Curses (Necromancer Only)
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+30% Faster Block Rate
40% Increased Chance of Blocking
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Energy
Regenerate Mana 33%
All Resistances +40
+5 to Mana after each Kill

Can Homunculus be Upgraded?

The Heirophant Trophy is the exceptional version of this Voodoo Heads. It can be upgraded to the elite version by putting it into the Horadric Cube. After hitting the transmute button it will be called Bloodlord Skull. The most basic (normal) version is called Demon Head.
Note: If this item can have sockets, you might be able to get some runes and get one of the runewords as a result - if you place them in the correct order. Have a look at our builds to find out which items make the most sense for the character you're currently playing.

What's the worth of Homunculus? How can I trade it in D2R?

Below is a list of variations we can get for you from our network of trusted trade partners:

Where can I find the Homunculus in D2R?

The Homunculus can be found at various locations. All the locations and bosses are minimum on nightmare difficulty. Every boss in the game can drop the Homunculus on hell difficulty, especiall Andariel, Baal and Mephisto. For Areas you’ll have to check Act 3-5 on nightmare difficulty. These bosses and areas have the highest probability. If you have problems with farming the bosses on hell, rather farm the areas on nightmare.