One of the best Unique Hydra Bow – that can be equipped by all classes

The Windforce is a Unique Hydra Bow in Diablo 2. It is one of the best bows in the game and can be equipped by all classes. It has the highest damage of all the bows and increases with every level. Many recommend to combine it with items that boost your Attack Speed, to unleash its full potential. This also makes it a tremendous Mana leech weapon and praises as one of the best weapons for a Bowazon.

Stats and Properties

Hydra Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 35 to 238
Required Dexterity: 167
Required Strength: 134
Required Level: 73
Bow Class - Normal Attack Speed
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+250% Enhanced Damage
+3-309 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
6-8% Mana stolen per hit
+10 to Strength
+5 to Dexterity
Heal Stamina Plus 30%

Can Windforce be Upgraded?

This is already the elite version of this Bow, so it cannot be upgraded any further. The normal version is called Long War Bow, while the exceptional version is Gothic Bow.
Note: If this item can have sockets, you might be able to get some runes and get one of the runewords as a result - if you place them in the correct order. Have a look at our builds to find out which items make the most sense for the character you're currently playing.

What's the worth of Windforce? How can I trade it in D2R?

Below is a list of variations we can get for you from our network of trusted trade partners:

Where to find the Windforce in D2R?

The Windforce can drop in many areas and by many bosses. The highest drop rate has The Hole level 1, in Act 1 on hell difficulty. The second highest drop rate is in The Worldstone Chamber in Act 5.  You can also farm it by killing bosses in Act 5.

So the Windforce is a formidable weapon, that is highly recommended. You got huge damage, that can be more effective when combined with items that boost your Attack Speed, you can knock back enemies to keep the healthy distance and leech an impressive amount of Mana.