In Diablo II Resurrected, Stoutnail is part of the Spiked Club category and one of many unique Clubs in D2R. It is a relatively small item, taking 3 Blocks of space if you want to store it in the inventory or stash. Your character needs to reach at least the Required Level of 5 to carry this item.
This Weapon is One-Handed, so your character can use an additional weapon or shield on the other arm.

Stats and Properties

Spiked Club
One-Hand Damage: 10 to 16
Durability: 36 of 36
Required Level: 5
Mace Class - Normal Attack Speed
+100% Enhanced Damage
+7 to Vitality
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
Attacker Takes Damage of 3-10
+50% Damage to Undead

Can Stoutnail be Upgraded?

This is the normal version of this Club. It can be upgraded to the exceptional version by putting it into the Horadric Cube. After hitting the transmute button it will be called Barbed Club. After that, it can be upgraded even further by repeating the steps and you will receive the Elite Version (Tyrant Club).
Note: If this item can have sockets, you might be able to get some runes and get one of the runewords as a result - if you place them in the correct order. Have a look at our builds to find out which items make the most sense for the character you're currently playing.

What's the worth of Stoutnail? How can I trade it in D2R?

Below is a list of variations we can get for you from our network of trusted trade partners: