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Native to a series of tropical islands in the twin seas is the Amazon. Due to their superior dexterity and natural skill with the bow and other throwing weapons like spears and javelins, it is the females who are trained to be warriors rather than males. This makes them better suited to fighting in the dense rain forest surroundings that cover their home islands. Additionally she is a versatile fighter, adept at hand to hand combat, too. In the Amazon society, each person must play their part to maintain order. As a result, this strong sense of duty means the Amazon strives for greatness in every venture.

Although the Amazon’s homeland is isolated, many have travelled across the seas to the plains, where they wander as nomads. Because of this, she is used to fighting for her life against others in the plains, and is therefore the most independent class in Diablo II. Furthermore, she is in high demand as a mercenary, thanks to her exceptional fighting abilities and her sense of loyalty, which exists so long as she is sticking to her moral judgement. Last but not least, the Amazon is also well known for being an excellent strategist.

Amazon Skills

In Diablo II, the Amazon’s skills are:


Bow and Crossbow Passive and Magic Javelin and Spear
Level 1 Magic Arrow
Fire Arrow
Inner Sight

Critical Strike

Level 6 Cold Arrow
Multiple Shot
Dodge Power Strike

Poison Javelin

Level 12 Exploding Arrow Slow Missiles



Lightning Bolt

Level 18 Ice Arrow

Guided Arrow

Penetrate Charged Strike

Plague Javelin

Level 24 Immolation Arrow




Level 30 Freezing Arrow Valkyrie


Lightning Strike

Lightning Fury


Using these skills, the character is most of all known for being able to deal a lot of damage to her enemy, be it a one-on-one fight or against multiple foes.

Amazon Builds  

Depending on where you focus on increasing the Amazon’s skills, you can create a different Amazon build. Some of the most common builds for the character in Diablo II are:


Amazon Build Focus                    
Angelzon Items.
Bowazon The bow, and bow and crossbow skills.
Fendazon The skill ‘Fend’.
Hybridazon A combination of two skills from different skill trees. Most often, ‘Valkyrie’ is one of the skills.
Javazon Javelins or spears, and javelin and spear skills.
Lightjab Amazon The skills ‘Jab’ and ‘Lightning Fury’.
Passivezon Passive and magic skills
Plagazon The skill ‘Plague Javelin’.

Trivia about the Amazon in Diablo II

  • As the name suggests, the Amazon in Diablo II is loosely based on the Amazons in Greek mythology.
  • Jessica Straus is the voice actor for the character in Diablo II and the expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This isn’t her only work for Blizzard Entertainment, as she’s also lent her voice to Warcraft III and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.
  • The Amazon is one of the original five playable characters in Diablo II, and it was also the first to be completed by the Development team.
  • She was not in Diablo I. When looking at her skills, the Amazon is most similar to Diablo I’s Rogue.
  • The Amazon is also not a playable class in Diablo III. She was considered as an expansion class, but the designers decided to use the Necromancer instead.
  • Finally, in the BIizzard videogame Heroes of the Storm, players can choose to be an Amazon named Cassia


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