Our top 11 Diablo 2 Builds for the ladder reset

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If you aren’t sure yet what class and build you should play for the new ladder reset, why don’t you take a look at our list of 11 most popular builds? If you like the builds below, you can find more information on our builds guides.
  1. Bowazon
It’s one of the many forgotten builds in Diablo 2 that used to be extremely effective in the early days. Bowazons are still fun and effective in the game’s current state but with overpowered Runewords being added to the game this build became less popular. The class is very versatile in terms of items and skills though and you can create your own combination. Thus, it remains a very interesting option.
  1. Frozen Orb Sorceress
This type of Sorceress was arguably the most popular class build in Diablo 2. Frozen Orb provided excessive amounts of damage in the early days of the game. However, the skill’s damage was reduced after a patch. As a result, the players started to use Blizzard instead which is still the most effective Cold spell. However, you can use Frozen Orb as a secondary skill, or to use this as a primary skill in combination with a skill from a different element. This way, you can counter enemies with every kind of immunity.
  1. Whirlwind Barbarian (WW Barb)
It was one of the most popular and effective builds in classic Diablo 2. With the release of Lord of Destruction though, more effective builds became viable. The Whirlwind Barbarian doesn’t provide a large amount of damage, but it has a great combination of support damage and survivability. Thus, it can act as a tank and it’s a recommended choice when playing with a party.
  1. Frenzy Barbarian
The Frenzy Barbarians are popular due to their extremely fast single target damage and the Run Speed bonus. Although this build is very underrated among the community, it proves to be one of the most effective builds in the game.
  1. Javazon
The Javazon provides a large amount of wide AoE damage, making the build very effective for PvM.  Also, the Charged Strike skill deals a massive amount of single target damage. It’s very useful against difficult Bosses. With the proper build, you can even kill Baal in a matter of seconds.
  1. Summoning Necromancer (Summonmancer)
This kind of Necromancer is one of the most special and fun builds in Diablo 2. The ability to summon a huge skeleton army and revive Diablo’s minions to fight at your side makes this build one of a kind. The Summonmancer is an ideal choice for a party as well, thanks to his curses that allow him to weaken his enemies. The Corpse Explosion is an excellent source of damage too.
  1. Wind Druid
The Elemental Druid provides a massive amount of AoE (Area of Effect) damage versus big groups of monsters. The Hurricane in combination with the Tornado spell results in large amounts of elemental damage output. The Wind Druid can take advantage of Oak Sage summon as well, to boost the entire party health pool.
  1. Chain Lightning Sorceress
The Sorceress has always been one of the most popular classes in the game. Over the years spells like Frozen Orb and Nova became less effective. When Lord of Destruction was released, the Chain Lightning Sorceress became a popular build choice. The ability to combine Chain Lightning with a different elemental spell, resulting in a build that is very effective versus every kind of enemy regardless of their resistances. You can use an Infinity Runeword on your mercenary, so the monsters would no longer be immune to your Lightning damage.
  1. Smiter Paladin
Paladins are not a very effective choice for common Magic Finding and Baal runs. They are extremely popular due to how effective they are against the Prime Evils in Uber Tristram. It’s the only known class that can kill almost all Uber Bosses even solo. The only enemies a Smiter cannot slay are those with physical immunity because Smite is a melee skill. It’s not a very effective choice against large groups of monsters though.
  1. Hammerdin
The Blessed Hammer along with the Concentration Aura provides a great amount of damage to monsters. In addition, these skills in combination with Holy Shield result in a paladin build that is completely unstoppable. It’s one of the most played builds, as it’s not uncommon for a Blessed Hammer to deal more than 20,000 damage. However, it’s  also one of the most expensive builds to create it perfectly, because there are too many Hammerdins in the game.
  1. Blizzard Sorceress
The Blizzard Sorc is probably the most famous build at the begging of every new ladder. One of the main reasons is her ability to Teleport. It allows her to move around fast, pass through walls, skip boring enemies, and even tricking Mephisto. Further, she has a great damage output and crowd control versus large groups of enemies, without the need for powerful or expensive items. You can use Items that boosts Magic Finding instead. This is making the Blizzard Sorceress the ideal build to start the new ladder with success. Let us know in the comments below what’s the class and build you’re going to start the new ladder! If you’re thirsty for more info, you can also read our other articles regarding the new ladder reset, our build guides or visit our store to find your favorite items! Stay tuned!  

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