Best Performing Builds in Hell Difficulty

In Diablo 2, there are many fun and powerful builds but not all of them are resilient enough to survive Hell difficulty. If you’re familiar with Diablo 2’s Hell mode, you will already know that the things you have to worry about the most are:

  • Monsters’ immunities: You will need at least two different elements of damage, especially if you play solo with your character.


  • Your Elemental Resistances: In Hell difficulty, you will start with a penalty (minus Resistances), so you will need a decent amount of Resistances.


  • Your damage: Many monsters have a very large Health pool in Hell mode, so you will need to deal a good amount of damage.


Below there are some top performing builds that are able not only to beat Hell difficulty, but also to Magic Find almost in any area. These builds are effective in Ladder, Single, and Multi-player games:

Immortal King Barbarian

Despite its high Strength requirement, the Immortal King set provides everything you need to dominate in the highest difficulty of the game.

This set offers a huge amount of defense and very high elemental Resistances. In addition, the Stone Crusher (the Weapon of the set) deals all the five different types of damage. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the immune monsters.

Last but not least, the Immortal King set provides a decent amount of Magic Finding.

Summonmancer (Summoner Necromancer)

This is an excellent choice for both solo and multiplayer games. Your army of skeletons can protect you and your party for receiving damage, while taking down enemies at the same times. Also, your curses are very useful for your party members as they can lower the resists of the enemies, resulting in much faster runs.

For dealing with monsters’ immunities, you can take advantage of your Corpse Explosion skill (half Physical and half Fire Damage). Further, your Skeletal Mages deal Poison, Cold, Fire and Lightning Damage. This build’s damage isn’t very high, but it offers a lot of sustainability in exchange.

In terms of items, the Skelemancer needs some items that boost his Summoning skills in order for the skeletons to survive in Hell difficulty. Despite this fact, you can use some items with Magic Finding as well because this build is not so gear-dependant.

Meteorb Sorceress

This kind of Sorceress doesn’t have the highest damage output in comparison with other Sorceress builds. However, it can deal with immune monsters as it relies on both Fire (Meteor, Fire Ball) and Cold Spells (Frozen Orb). The monsters that are immune to both Fire and Cold Spells are not common.

Another great skill of your arsenal is Teleport. You can use it to quickly escape if you are in danger, or utilize it for traveling faster. For instance, you can make very fast Andariel or Mephisto runs, without exploring entire rooms in order to reach the Act Bosses.

Also, with the proper items you can combine your killing power with some great amount of Magic Finding. It’s a popular strategy to start the game with a Magic-Finder Meteorb Sorceress, so you gear her up or your other characters.


This is one of the most powerful builds overall in Diablo 2. It’s strong both in fighting versus monsters and in PvP fights. We included this build over other strong Paladin builds because of its ability to Magic Find, without losing much of its killing power or its sustainability.

The main skill of the build, the Blessed Hammer deals extreme amounts of Magic Damage. The Magic immunity is very rare in the game, so you will not have many issues in Hell difficulty. Further, the Holy Shield skill provides a lot of protection to your character.


You should be able to go through all difficulties of the game using a Hammerdin, without facing many problems. However, for fighting versus other players you will need some really hard-to-find items that you can’t find simply by beating the game’s Hell difficulty. If you’re interested in building one of the top PvP classes, don’t hesitate to take a look in our shop!


This Amazon’s build can make some of the fastest runs in the game. Its arsenal includes some Physical and Lightning skills (Charged Strike, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury) that deal extreme amounts of damage.

For dealing with enemies’ immunities, a Javazon can utilize the Jab skill (Physical Damage) or even the Poison Javelin or Plague Javelin for some Poison Damage.

Regarding your sustainability, you can sacrifice some portion of your damage in order to invest points in your Valkyrie. Finally, you can use some items that boost your Magic Finding chance. This way, you can make some fast and efficient MF runs even in the hardest difficulty of the game.

If you need more information about the builds, check out our character builds guides! If you’re struggling to find some specific items, you can always visit our shop!


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