Call to Arms Runeword

'AmnRalMalIstOhm' - these 5 runes are the magic combination of the Call to Arms runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected. To get started you will need 1x Amn Rune, 1x Ral Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Ist Rune, 1x Ohm Rune, as well as any 5-socket Weapon. You can then put these 5 runes into the sockets of the base item - one by one - following the exact order of the rune word. The rune word was first introduced in Patch 1.10 of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and like all rune words, was not available in the classic version of D2.

How do I socket the CALL TO ARMS RUNEWORD?

Make sure you have all runes available - 1x Amn Rune, 1x Ral Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Ist Rune, 1x Ohm Rune - then put them into the sockets of the base item, in the correct order pictured below. Pay extra attention to this. The rune word is 'AmnRalMalIstOhm' for a reason, so if you don't socket it in the exact order, the result would not be 'Call to Arms' (and instead you would end up with a bunch of runes socketed into the base item).
Take your desired base item, then socket the runes in this exact order:

How much is CALL TO ARMS worth?

Runewords can have a huge difference in value. In order to find out the worth of the Call to Arms Runeword, we need to add up the value of the single runes, as well as the base item used for socketing. Every roll will require these basic ingredients and will get you the Call to Arms Runeword with random stats. This can be defined as the minimum value. The higher the stats of the roll, the higher the final value of the runeword. A "perfect roll" in a superior base tends to be the most rare and hence much more expensive than a random roll.

Can I buy the CALL TO ARMS Runeword in D2R?

Yes, we can offer the already rolled Call to Arms Runeword for you in different bases listed below.
Alternatively, you may want to get the unmade version, where we'll deliver the runes plus the base item to you. You can then complete the socketing yourself (offering a chance for a perfect roll, which would be of significantly higher value).
Here's the list of Call to Arms Runewords in various Base Items and Stats, which we can source for you from our network of trusted trade partners.

Buy CALL TO ARMS Runes as a Pack

Non-Superior base Items can be easily found or bought from a vendor NPC in the city, so an easy option get Call to Arms in D2R is to buy the single runes in a pack and socket the runeword yourself. You can either add the below listed runes to your cart and have them delivered to you, or head over to our runes list to find some more.
In any case, if you want to build the Call to Arms Runeword, you will need the following runes: 1x Amn Rune, 1x Ral Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Ist Rune, 1x Ohm Rune