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Art by Dennis Fröhlich

When the first missionaries left the Church of Zakarum, they were unprepared for the harsh weather and dangerous landscape that greeted them. In response, the church began training holy warriors named Paladins to defend their charges. They were named ‘Protectors of the Word’ and were revered by those they visited thanks to their fighting prowess and great stories. With the word spread to the major cities of the west, the Paladins retired back to the church. They were called up again a few decades later for a second campaign, however those they were unable to convert were deemed evil, suspected of being possessed or corrupted. A rebellion against this way of thinking arose within the Paladin ranks, who believed that the Three Prime Evils were the true source of corruption. With their new mission, the rebels left their brethren behind and travelled west. The player is a member of this faction.

The Paladin uses his faith as his shield, and will stand up for what is right and wrong. Because of this, many believe the Paladin is merely a battle-ready zealot, though others will appreciate his value and trustworthiness as a party member. The Paladin will not succumb to worldly temptations in case they are deceptions. Originally trained as a protector, the Paladins skills are suited to melee fighting. As part of this, he has the ability to cast auras, which can extend over others.

Paladin Skills

The Paladin’s skills fall into two main categories; auras and combat skills. Due to the number of different auras he is able to cast, these are further separated as:

 Combat SkillsDefensive AurasOffensive Auras
Level 1




Resist Fire

Level 6Holy Bolt


Resist Cold

Holy Fire


Level 12




Resist Lightning

Blessed Aim
Level 18


Blessed Hammer



Holy Freeze

Level 24


Holy Shield


Holy Shock


Level 30Fist of the Heavens





Without the use of special equipment, the Paladin is only able to activate one aura at a time, however they are still an invaluable skill. In addition to strengthening his party, some auras will weaken the enemy.

Paladin Builds

AuradinRunewords that strengthen auras.
Dragon PaladinThe skill ‘Holy Fire’ paired with the right equipment.

The most popular Paladin build in Diablo II. As the Paladin thrives in close combat fighting, this build can teleport into a large group of enemies and use the ‘Blessed Hammer’ to inflict a lot of damage.

SmiterThe skill ‘Smite’. Also normally has expensive gear like Exile Shield.
ZealotThe skill ‘Zeal’. Can be complemented by ‘Fanatacism’ for a speedy and effective series of hits.

Trivia about the Paladin in Diablo II

  • The character has no passive skills.
  • While a Paladin can only use one aura at a time, multiple Paladins within a party can use different auras to stack them atop one another.
  • The Paladin in Diablo II is voiced by Larry B. Scott, who has also appeared in Seinfeld.

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