Last Wish Runeword

3x Jah Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Sur Rune, 1x Ber Rune and a 6-socket Sword, Hammer or Axe

Last Wish is a pretty expensive runeword. But it wields huge power and grants your character +330-375% Enhanced Damage, ignores the target’s defense, prevents monster healing, and has a 60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow. And even more. Most recommend using Grief instead of Last Wish because it’s a huge expense. But if you’re running short of shekels, Last Wish can be recommended for the Kicksin Assassins and Smiter Paladins. Some even say it is the best weapon for the Act 5 Mercenary in the game. As you can see Last Wish is an expensive but amazing end-game runeword. Many players usually favor Grief, because it doesn’t require 3 Jah and a Ber rune and also does a huge amount of damage.

How do I socket the LAST WISH RUNEWORD?

Make sure you have all runes available - 3x Jah Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Sur Rune, 1x Ber Rune - then put them into the sockets of the base item, in the correct order pictured below. Pay extra attention to this. The rune word is 'JahMalJahSurJahBer' for a reason, so if you don't socket it in the exact order, the result would not be 'Last Wish' (and instead you would end up with a bunch of runes socketed into the base item).
Take your desired base item, then socket the runes in this exact order:

Farming the Runes

  • Jah: Search in Act 4 and Act 5 on hell difficulty.
    You can also craft it with 2x ‘Ber’ + flawless Sapphire = ‘Jah’ in the Horadric Cube. Don’t forget that you need Jah 3 times.
  • Mal can be dropped by killing The Countess and in The Hellforge as a quest reward, both in hell difficulty. It can also drop in Act 5 or can be crafted with 2x ‘Um’ + Topaz = ‘Mal’ in the Cube.
  • Sur: Farm in Act 3 on hell difficulty. Or craft it with 2x ‘Lo’ + flawless Topaz = ‘Sur’ in the Horadric Cube.
  • Ber: Search this one in Act 3 on hell difficulty or craft it with 2x ‘Sur’ + flawless Amethyst = ‘Ber’ in the Cube.

Popular Bases

Popular bases are the Phase Blade (Superior) and the Berserker Axe (Superior). The Berserker Axe does more damage but is slower. Phase Blade is also a little more popular because it is indestructible.

Keep in mind that your base needs exactly 6 Sockets.


Last Wish grants you a huge amount of damage through ignoring the target’s defense, +330-375% Enhanced Damage, 60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow, Blinding targets with hits, and chances to cast spells when struck, on striking, and on attack. And on top of all that it comes with a level 17 Might Aura when equipped.


The biggest weakness is the expensive runes. In comparison to other runewords, 3x Jah and a Ber are extremely hard to get. Another weakness is the 6 required Sockets, which might not be super easy to get.

How much is LAST WISH worth?

Runewords can have a huge difference in value. In order to find out the worth of the Last Wish Runeword, we need to add up the value of the single runes, as well as the base item used for socketing. Every roll will require these basic ingredients and will get you the Last Wish Runeword with random stats. This can be defined as the minimum value. The higher the stats of the roll, the higher the final value of the runeword. A "perfect roll" in a superior base tends to be the most rare and hence much more expensive than a random roll.

Can I buy the LAST WISH Runeword in D2R?

Yes, we can offer the already rolled Last Wish Runeword for you in different bases listed below.
Alternatively, you may want to get the unmade version, where we'll deliver the runes plus the base item to you. You can then complete the socketing yourself (offering a chance for a perfect roll, which would be of significantly higher value).
Here's the list of Last Wish Runewords in various Base Items and Stats, which we can source for you from our network of trusted trade partners.

Hammer Runewords - Alternatives

Buy LAST WISH Runes as a Pack

Non-Superior base Items can be easily found or bought from a vendor NPC in the city, so an easy option get Last Wish in D2R is to buy the single runes in a pack and socket the runeword yourself. You can either add the below listed runes to your cart and have them delivered to you, or head over to our runes list to find some more.
In any case, if you want to build the Last Wish Runeword, you will need the following runes: 3x Jah Rune, 1x Mal Rune, 1x Sur Rune, 1x Ber Rune