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According to legend, a great power lies within Mount Arreat, in the Northern Steppes. It is said that this power is tied to the fate of all humanity, and so the tribes in the Steppes were tasked with guarding the great mountain. It is this duty that has shaped the people’s lifestyle, as they patrol the lands in nomadic bands, spurning magic and complex machinery. Vigilant in their watch, these people are an enigma to the rest of Sanctuary. While they refer to themselves as the Children of Bul-Kathos, others know them as Barbarians. Accustomed to a life on the move, the Barbarian has an innate sense of direction and is always ready to attack. As a result, his connection with the earth and its creatures has gifted the Barbarian with the ability to channel animal spirits and also make use of their superior strength and abilities.

Folk tales talk about the Barbarian’s impressive battle skills. Stories of invaders in the Northern Steppes refer to the Barbarians as being masters of camouflage and fighting. Their ferocity is unheard of in the rest of Sanctuary. With the return of the Prime Evils, there have been an increasing number of sightings of Barbarians away from the Northern Steppes, as they seek out information about the threat.

Barbarian Skills

Being a melee character, the Barbarian’s skills centre around attacking and mana. The Barbarian’s skills in Diablo II are:

 Combat SkillsCombat MasteriesWarcries
Level 1Bash

Sword Mastery

Axe Mastery

Mace Mastery


Find Potion

Level 6

Double Swing


Polearm Mastery

Throwing Mastery

Spear Master



Level 12

Double Throw


Increased StaminaFind Item
Level 18

Leap Attack


Iron SkinBattle Cry
Level 24FrenzyIncreased Speed

Battle Orders

Grim Ward

Level 30



Natural Resistance

War Cry

Battle Command

Due to his PvM specialization, the Barbarian’s warcries have the ability to strengthen everyone in his party. His combat masteries give a permanent increase to offensive and defensive moves, and the combat skills are a Barbarian’s active combat skills.

Barbarian Builds

When it comes to Barbarian builds, every variation centers around physical attack. The most common Barbarian builds in Diablo II are:

AxethrowerThe skill ‘Double Throw’.
BeserkerThe skill ‘Beserk’.
ConcentratorThe skill ‘Concentrate’.
DragoonThe skill ‘Leap Attack’.
Frenzy BarbThe skill ‘Frenzy’.
HorkerFinding gold and gambling.
Immortal King BarbarianImmortal King items
SingerThe skill ‘War Cry’. In multiplayer, it also turns the Barbarian into a supportive caster.
Whirlwind Barb (also known as Whirly-Barb)The skill ‘Whirlwind’.


Trivia about The Barbarian in Diablo II

  • Firstly, the Barbarian is the only class in Diablo II able to dual wield any weapons.
  • There are also Barbarian mercenaries in Diablo II. They are able to wield Barbarian class items, but cannot dual wield weapons like the regular Barbarian.
  • Secondly, it is the only class that features in all three Diablo games. While he is a main class in Diablo II and Diablo III, he is only a test class in the Diablo: Hellfire expansion, available by editing game files.
  • Finally, in Diablo II, the playable Barbarian is known to be from a city named Harrogath, which is located at the base of Mount Arreat.

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