Barbarian Singer Build

Pros and cons, skills, and a stat point distribution for the Barbarian Diablo 2 Singer build

Diablo 2 singer barbarian build
Art by Max Kostin

The Singer, War Crier, or Bardarian is a build designed exclusively for PvE. It serves as a supportive caster within a party in multiplayer games and it’s centered on the War Cry skill.


  • A great support for every party.
  • It’s an effective build that can keep the party alive even in Hell difficulty and Hardcore mode.


  • The build isn’t designed for PvP fights.
  • It’s slow for solo PvE. You will need the help of your teammates in order to unlock your maximum potential.

Singer Build Skills

It’s recommended to max out (20 points) the following skills:

  • War Cry: This is your main attack. It stuns the enemies around you dealing moderate physical damage. It has a high mana cost, meaning that you need to build your character as a wizard set up. Another option is to use Insight on your hireling for Meditation Aura because it provides mana regeneration.
  • Battle Orders: Another great buff for your team. It increases all party members’ Stamina, Life, and Mana by a huge amount. It fits well in your supportive role.
  • Shout: It boosts your entire party’s defense, increasing your sustainability.

Also, invest 1 point in:

  • Iron Skin: It’s a passive skill that enchants your natural Defense.
  • Natural Resistance: Similar to Iron Skin, but it enchants your resistances. Spend just a point and let your +skill items to boost further the skill.
  • Other one point wonders of your preference.

Spend the remaining points into the synergies of War Cry. These are the Taunt, Howl and Battle Cry skills.

Avoid investing any skillpoints into Weapons Masteries and offensive skills. If you face leveling issues to reach level 30, place 1 point in Bash or Frenzy. More than a point would be a waste.

Singer Build Equipment

On the ladder, Dual Spirit Crystal Swords are effective at early stages. After you reach a high Faster Casting Rate (the breakpoint is 105), search for items that maximize +skills.

In addition, look for Barbarian-only helms with 3 sockets that enchant War Cry and Battle orders such as the Wolfhowl Fury Visor. Then, add a Delirium RuneWord to it.

Singer Build Stats

Strength: Invest as many points as your endgame equipment requires.

Dexterity: Don’t waste any points here, as you won’t use a shield and your weapons don’t require Dexterity points.

Vitality: Invest all your remaining points here.

Energy: Although War Cry has a high mana cost, many players don’t invest even a single point here. They prefer to get the mana points they need from charms and items that boost the mana pool and mana regeneration.