Immortal King Build

Pros and cons, skills, and a stat point distribution for the Barbarian Diablo 2 Immortal King build

diablo 2 immortal king build
Art by Valzonline

The Immortal King Barbarian is a Barbarian build that relies on the Immortal King set. Once you overcome the strength issues, it’s very easy to obtain and one of the best sets available in the game.

Unfortunately, the only skill you can use effectively is Whirlwind due to the requirements and the number of slots the set takes up.

One of the great advantages of the set is the resistances it provides. The set alone grants 121% to Lightning, 118% to Fire, 100% to Poison, and 90% to Cold Resists. It decreases the necessity to stack resistance items for Hell difficulty. Further, the Maul employs the use of all five elements, including physical. This way, you will not face any enemy immune to your attacks.

Immortal King Build Skills

  • Mace Mastery: 20 points
  • Increased Stamina: 1
  • Iron Skin: 1
  • Increased Speed: 1
  • Natural Resistance: 1
  • Howl: 1
  • Shout: 20
  • Battle Orders: 20
  • Battle Command: 1
  • Bash: 1
  • Leap: 1
  • Stun: 1
  • Concentrate: 9
  • Leap Attack: 1
  • Whirlwind: 20
  • Berserk: 1

The Immortal King’s set doesn’t provide any flexibility for skill points placement.

Immortal King Build Stats 

Stat placement is crucial, especially for higher levels. You don’t have the luxury to misplace any points with this build.

Strength: Your items will grant you 85 Strength points. These are Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, Immortal King’s Forgeand the Immortal King’s Detail.

Dexterity: This attribute isn’t necessary since the Immortal King uses a Maul and you won’t need it for blocking.

Vitality: Invest all the remaining points here as health is the trait of the Barbarians.

Energy: Don’t waste any points on your Energy. You shouldn’t face any problems with your mana points since the set provides 10% mana and life steal. This is very useful in combination with Whirlwind.

Immortal King Build Items

  • Weapon: Immortal King’s Stone Crusher


  • Secondary Weapons: Call to Arms or +3 to Warcry Skills weapons
  • Armor: Immortal King’s Soul Cage
  • Head: Immortal King’s Will
  • Gloves: Immortal King’s Forge
  • Belt: Immortal King’s Detail
  • Boots: Immortal King’s Pillar
  • Ring: Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band , Raven Frost or Carrion Wind
  • Amulet: Metalgrid


  • Charm:Annihilus
  • Charm: Hellfire Torch


The ideal companion of the Immortal King Barbarian is a 2 hireling. You can choose between Pride and Infinity. Although it’s recommended you use Infinity because the maul combines perfect the use of all 5 elemental damage types.

The main problem with this it’s the range. In the case you outrun your hireling, the Infinity will be useless to you. An offensive mercenary with Might aura works better with this build.

If you choose to go with Pride, it’s better to use either a defensive mercenary. Also, you can take advantage of a hireling with Blessed Aim mercenary if your attacks often miss their targets.