Novamancer Build

skills, and a stat point distribution, pros and cons for the Diablo 2 Novamancer build

diablo 2 novamancer build
Art by William Kennedy

The Diablo 2  Novamancer is a  Necromancer build that has the ability to take down large groups of monsters using a combination of Poison Nova and Lower Resist.

This type of Necromancer utilizes his summoning powers as well. Your Golem protects its master and distracts the enemies, so you can unleash your massive poison damage.

How to play effectively as a Novamancer:

  1. When you’re in town, summon a Golem of your choice. However, it’s highly recommended to use the Clay Golem for its ability to expand its life pool beyond 10,000 Health Points and for slowing enemies.
  1. Before you enter into the battlefield, send your Golem to stand between you and your enemies. This way you can cast Lower Resist and Poison Nova without being distracted by monsters.
  1. Once you’ve killed several enemies, you can cast Revive or Poison Explosion/Corpse Explosion to their bodies.
  1. For dealing with Poison Immune enemies, cast Lower Resist on them in order remove their immunity. Although the enemies wouldn’t be 100% Immune anymore, they will still have a strong poison resistance (in Hell mode). Thus, it’s probably better to use Corpse Explosion because it deals damage equal to 70-120% of corpse life regardless of its level. In addition, it deals 50% Fire and 50% Physical damage. A strong mercenary can really help you deal with immunities too.

Regarding the bosses, you have 3 methods to kill them. Two of them depend on the type of gear you have though:

  1. Regardless of your equipment: Send your minions to catch the Boss’ attention. Then cast Lower Resist and followed by Poison Nova or Poison Explosion if it’s possible.
  2. In the case you have items with a lot of +skills effects: try to cast Bone Prison a few times on the Boss in order to trap it near some corpses. Then cast Poison Explosion as it deals more damage and it costs less mana to cast than Poison Nova.
  3. Using your Mercenary: Equip your mercenary with items that boost the Crushing Blow effect and the attack speed. Cast Life Tap on the Boss so your hireling can leech his life. At the same time, use Poison Nova to prevent the Boss from regenerating his life. In single player mode, this option can often overcome your own damage output.

Novamancer Build Skills

Your primary skills that you should max out are the following:

  • Poison Explosion: 20 points
  • Poison Nova: 20 points
  • Invest 20 points into Poison Dagger as it provides synergy to Poison Nova and Poison Explosion
  • Level up Lower Resist until you reach level 16 using +skills items. Additional points to the curse will not affect a lot your damage output.

Also, from the Poison and Bone Spells skill tree, choose to max out either Corpse Explosion or Bone Wall and Bone Prison to enchant your Bone Armor.

Invest some points in the Summoning Spells tree in order to unlock the following skills:

  • Clay Golem: It’s the perfect companion of the Novamancer.
  • Summon Resist 
  • Golem Mastery
  • Revive: unlock it if you need additional minions to assist you.

Furthermore, spend a point on each spell from the Curses skill tree.

Novamancer Build Equipment


  • Death’s Web: Socket it with a Rainbow Facet (Poison) for -50% to enemy poison resistances.
  • Blackbog’s Sharp: It’s a decent choice if you can’t obtain a Death’s Web.



  • Enigma: For the ability to teleport.
  • Bramble: For maximizing poison damage.



  • Homunculus(It’s Unique Hierophant Trophy): It’s recommended to use the Act 5 Quest (Larzukin NPC) in order to add a socket and insert an Um Rune for higher Resistances or a Rainbow Poison Facet for higher poison damage.



  • Harlequin Crest (Shako)



  • Trang-Oul’s Claws: For the +2 to curses and +25% to poison damage.



  • Arachnid Mesh: +1 to all skills.



  • Any Rare boots that boost your running speed and your resistances.



  • Stone of Jordan: For the mana bonus and +skills.



  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope: 2+ To all skills and bonus to Resistances.

Novamancer Build Stats

Strength: Spend some points so you can equip your best items.

Dexterity: Invest a few points if your equipment requires Dexterity points

Vitality: Place the majority of your points in your Life pool.

Energy: Some players spend about 100-150 points so they can comfortably spam their spells. Some others cover their mana issues with potions and items that grant mana points.