Dark Warrior Assassin

Diablo 2 dark warrior build
Art by Aleksandra Skiba

The Dark Warrior is an Assassin build that relies on the skills of the “Shadow Disciplines” tree. Its primary skills are the Shadow Warrior or Shadow Master and the Venom, so it offers a lot of flexibility. The Dark Warrior performs better when fighting versus a single enemy or a small group of monsters.

A build that focuses only on this tree might be durable but it lacks damage. Thus, this type of Assassin has many variations.

Many players use a Bow as their main weapon because it stacks with the Venom’s poison damage. It allows them to attack from afar, while the Shadow Master/Warrior is acting as a tank, alongside with the mercenary.

Another version of the “Dark Warrior Assassin” takes advantage of the Martial Art Skills of the class. It often uses dual Claws as the main weapon and it invests some points in skills such as the Dragon Tail and the Tiger Strike.

Dark Warrior Skills

You should max out your two primary skills:

Venom: It adds poison damage to your weapons. This works with every kind of weapon, but the most useful are the claws or the bow. However, it limits the poisoning duration to 0.4 seconds. Also, this skill works very well in combination with Burst of Speed and Fade.

Shadow Warrior/Shadow Master: While Shadow Master is stronger and tougher, some experienced Assassin players use the Shadow Warrior too, depending on the situation. This is because the Warrior uses the skills that you have placed on your right and left mouse buttons. This way you have a greater control over him in comparison to the Shadow Master. It’s recommending to max one of your summons because they don’t synergize with each other. The Shadow Master is the best overall choice.

Other skills you should invest some points, depending on your type of build you wish to follow:

Burst of Speed: It boosts your attack and movement speed for a while. It’s a great buff, especially when you combine it with Venom.

Fade:  It allows you to avoid some magical attacks, enchanting your sustainability. A combination of this skill with Venom and Burst of speed has amazing results.

Clock of Shadows: It hides your character, preventing monster’s attacks. Also, it boosts your accuracy. Don’t invest more than a few points here.

Weapon Block: If you decide to play wielding dual Claws place some points into this skill to improve your block rate. Skip it if you want to play with a Bow.

Psychic Hammer: It helps you deal with immunities because it provides both magical and physical damage. It inflicts Knockback too.

Since you will have many points left, you can invest in other skills as you prefer. Some skills to consider are the Dragon Tail, Tiger Strike, and Cobra Strike.

Dark Warrior Stats

Strength: Place as many points required by your proper gear.

Dexterity: Don’t invest more points here than the requirement of your items.

Vitality: Invest the majority of your points here, as the sustainability is the main trait of this build.

Energy: Your skills don’t spend a lot of mana, so you won’t have issues with your mana pool. Keep it at the base.


You have plenty of options regarding your mercenary. Choose one that works well with your type of Dark Warrior Assassin. You can take an archer with elemental attacks to help you deal with immunities. Another choice is a mercenary with Cold Spells or an Act 2 (Nightmare) hireling with Might Aura. If you want to enchant your defense, pick a mercenary with Hole Freeze Aura.


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