Charger Build

diablo 2 charger build
Art by Damien Mammolit

The Charger is a Paladin build in Diablo 2 that relies on the Charge skill. Charge is much more effective against single enemies, rather than controlling crowds. In the case the monsters are spread in an area, you can try to bounce from one to another.

Charger Build Skills

You should spend the majority of your points on your Primary Skills:

  • Charge: This is the Charger’s primary attack of the Charger. Invest 20 points here for highest damage output.
  • Fanaticism: It drastically increases your damage and attack rating. However, it’s not the best option for this build because the increased attack speed doesn’t benefit the Charge skill.
  • Holy Freeze: It’s a useful skill for slowing groups of fast and dangerous enemies. You can skip this Aura if you use an Act 2 Nightmare Defensive Hireling as it will provide you the buff.
  • Holy Shock: It deals twice the Holy Freeze’s damage but without the slowing effect.
  • Holy Shield: It’s a lifesaver for the Charger as it increases defense and the chance to block.
  • Conviction: It’s a useful Aura for the entire party because it reduces enemies’ resistances.

Your secondary skills that require fewer points:

  • Vigor: It’s a helpful utility skill and also provides synergy to Charge.
  • Might: You need this Aura because it provides synergy to Charge.
  • Defiance: It serves as a synergy to Holy Shield.
  • Sanctuary: It’s a useful skill for fighting Undead monsters.
  • Salvation: It’s a defensive tool that boosts your resistances.
  • Vengeance: You need this skill for dealing with physical immune enemies.
  • Zeal: It’s an effective skill for fighting versus large groups of monsters.
  • Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Resist Lightning: These protective Auras passively increases your maximum resistances.

Charger Build Equipment

Weapon: You should find a weapon that has Chance to Ignore Target’s Defense, Open Wounds, and Crushing Blow. In addition, Deadly Strike is powerful considering the massive amount of the build’s physical damage.

Shield:  Your Shield should have a high chance to block, high resistances and high defense. It isn’t hard to find a shield with these attributes as many Paladin-exclusive shields provide them, so it should be no problem finding one of these.

Armor: The ideal Armor for a Charger provides high resistances and defense.


Strength: Spend points here until you can equip your proper items.

Dexterity: Invest enough points in order to equip your items or for a max block chance.

Vitality: Invest all remaining points in your Life pool.

Energy: Keep it at the base, because your equipment will cover your mana problems.


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