Assassin Vampire Build

All about the Diablo 2 Vampire Assassin Build. skills, stats and equipment

Diablo 2 vampire build
Art by Igor Ivanovic

The Vampire is an Assassin build of a close-range melee fighter. It’s built around the Cobra Strike skill in combination with a finisher move. Also, it takes advantage of its Shadow minions from the ‘Shadow Disciplines” skill tree.

Due to her abilities, the Vampire is a great build for Hardcore mode.

Vampire Build Skills

You should max out two of your skills, the Claw Mastery and the Shadow Master.

In addition, invest some points it the following skills too:

  • Cobra Strike: place at least 3 points during Normal difficulty. Then you will need to invest some more.
  • Dragon Claw: 1
  • Dragon Flight place a point if you find it useful
  • Burst of Speed: 6+ points.
  • Weapon Block: about 10 points
  • Claw Mastery is essential as it boosts your attack rating, damage, and the chance for a critical attack.
  • Burst of Speed works really great for the Vampire build. It increases the attack speed, which means that you can load your charges faster and release them faster too. This way, you can heal as fast as you receive damage. It also helps you run rapidly around the battleground. However, don’t invest too many points here as it has diminishing returns at higher levels.
  • Weapon Block lets you block some incoming attacks, replacing the need for a shield. It doesn’t make a big difference after the first 10 points.
  • Shadow Master is the ideal companion for the Vampire. It’s very useful versus large groups of enemies as it uses some skills from the Assassin class.
  • Cobra Strike lets you leech the mana and life out of your enemies. It’s a charge-up skill, which means you need a finisher move to get all its benefits. Probably you want this skill at your left click button.
  • Dragon Claw is good as a finishing move to release your Cobra Strike It costs only two mana and takes advantage of your dual weapons, making it the ideal finisher move for this build.
  • Dragon Flight is a kind of escape ability, so it lets you run out of dangerous situations. You can use it to finish an enemy like a Fallen Shaman too. One point is enough for this utility skill.

Vampire Build Stats

  • Strength: invest enough points here so you can equip your desired items.
  • Dexterity: same as Strength. If you want to play with a shield, go for a 75% block.
  • Vitality: Invest the rest of the points in it.
  • Energy: Don’t place any points here. Your skills don’t consume a lot of mana. Cobra Strike will refill your mana pool too.

 Vampire Build Equipment

Weapon: The best option is to use dual-claws with bonus cold damage. You can reach a really high damage output in combination with Burst of Speed.

Armor: Search for an Armor with high Defense and high elemental resistances.

Some players equip Gear and charms with bonus gold finding in order not to rely only on looting and selling items for gold.

With your life-leeching abilities and a belt with some Full Rejuvenation potions, you will be a kind of ‘immortal’.


The best companion for the Vampire is one with long-range attacks. For example, a Rogue Archer’s long-range attacks work well with the Vampire’s close-range style.

You can equip it with a bow with Cold damage to slow down the enemies. Even better, you can use a weapon with the different elements to create a variety of elemental damage.