Lightning Trapper Assassin

All about skills, stats, equipment for the Diablo 2 lightning trapper Assassin build

diablo 2 lightning trapper build
Art by Kamil Mickiewicz

The Lightning Trapper build belongs to the “Trapsin” category of Assassin builds (builds that focus on the ‘Traps’ skill tree). She utilizes lightning traps to deal damage to her enemies, resulting in a powerful crowd killer.

The Lightning Trapsin or Shockbringer players spend the majority of their points in Traps. Also, they invest a few points in the ‘Shadow Disciplines” tree in order to acquire skills such as Mind Blast, Burst of Speed, Fade and Shadow Warrior/Master.

Lightning Trapper Skills

The main skills of the build you have to max out are:

  • Lightning Sentry: Your primary trap skill. It provides high damage and synergizes with Death Sentry.
  • Wake of Inferno: It deals fire damage, so it’s useful for dealing with Lightning immune monsters. Also, it receives synergy from Death Sentry.
  • Death Sentry: This skill is powerful versus large groups of monsters because it also casts Corpse Explosion. It results in massive amounts of total damage output.

Some other skills you need to spend some points:

  • Shadow Master: Invest at least 10 points here. Don’t hesitate to add a few more if your summon dies quite often. The Shadow Master acts as a tank distracting monsters and casting its own skills. It seems to be a better choice overall than Shadow Warrior.
  • Burst of Speed: It enchants your attack and movement speed, allowing you to evade incoming projectiles with ease. Just 1 point is enough.
  • Cloak of Shadows: It decreases the defense of your enemies and blinds them, providing more sustainability to you, your summons and your mercenary.


Other skills you should consider:

  • Fade: The lightning trapper Assassin usually stays far away from the battle zone, so the elemental resistances are not essential. However, one point in this skill can save your life sometimes.
  • Mind Blast: It’s an alternative to Cloak of Shadows for stalling your enemies, depending on your preference.

Place the rest of the skill-points to Charged Bolt Sentry and Shock Web that synergizes with Lightning Sentry or to Shadow Master.

Lightning Trapper Stats

Strength: Invest points until you are able to equip your strongest weapon and armor.

Dexterity: The lightning trapper Assassin doesn’t rely on attack speed for dealing damage. Place as many points as your proper equipment requires.


Vitality: Invest the rest of your points here.


Energy: If you have mana issues, try to find items that boost your mana pool and utilize mana potions.



The ideal companion for you and your Shadow Master is a Desert Mercenary (Act 2). Its Holy Freeze Aura will slow down your enemies. Further, if it’s equipped properly it acts as an additional tank, assisting your summon. You can consider an offensive hireling too with Might Aura, but you shouldn’t have problems dealing high amounts of damage.