Flamethrower Build

skills, and a stat point distribution, pros and cons for the Diablo 2 Flamethrower with a tank Druid Build build

diablo 2 flamethrower build
Art by Takeda11

Flamethrower with a Tank is a Diablo 2 Druid build that is similar to Fire Druid but it removes the Armageddon in order to invest points in the Grizzly. The Druid acts as a Flamethrower, using Firestorm as the primary killing spell. The Grizzly is his companion, which acts as a tank, protecting your character from receiving damage.

While the Grizzly is absorbing the incoming damage, the Flamethrower uses a combination of Molten Boulder, Fissure, and Volcano for killing large groups of monsters. In order to kill hard Bosses such as Diablo and Ball, the most effective way is to cast Fissure and Volcano while your bear is distracting them.

Flamethrower Build Skills

The Flamethrower maxes out the following main skills:

  • Firestorm: It’s the primary source of damage because you can cast it more often.
  • Summon Grizzly: It’s a healthy tank that deals decent damage. In addition, it’s an effective way of dealing with fire immune monsters.
  • Fissure: It deals a high amount of damage and provides synergy to Firestorm as well (+23% fire damage per level).

Further, you should invest 20 points into one of the skills below, according to your preference:

  • Summon Dire Wolf: It synergizes with the Grizzly, increasing its health points. Thus, your bear will live longer during Boss fights.


  • Volcano: It deals high damage while providing synergy to Firestorm.


  • Molten Boulder: The purpose of maxing out this skill is because it boosts the Firestorm’s damage.

Also, you should spend the remaining points into Molten Boulder, Summon Dire Wolf or Volcano.

The Flamethrower doesn’t use the Armageddon skill. This is because Armageddon requires many points in the Wind section of the Elemental skill tree. These skills seem useless to this build, so it’s better to invest the points to some more important skills.


The Flamethrower’s ideal companion is the Iron Wolf with cold spells. The cold attacks will help you deal with the fire immune monsters from Nightmare and Hell difficulties. In addition, the cold spells slow down the enemies, making it easier for the Grizzly and your character to attack them. The build also works well with the Desert Mercenary with the Holy Freeze or Prayer Aura.


Flamethrower Build Stats

Strength: Invest only enough points here so you can equip your strongest armor.

Dexterity: You won’t need to waste any points on this attribute.

Vitality: The Flamethrower has to get into the close distance from its enemies as the Fire spells have a short range. Thus, a high health pool is essential for surviving in the Hell difficulty.

Energy: You should have enough mana for casting your spells comfortably. However, it’s recommended not to spend more than a few points on your energy. It’s better to cover the mana issues using items that replenish your mana points (Mana per kill, Mana leech or Mana regeneration items). Finally, you should keep always some Mana potions available in your inventory.