Firewall Sorceress Build

All about skills, stats and equipment for the Diablo 2 Firewall Sorceress build

Firewall Sorceress Build
Art by Yngvar Asplund

The Fire Wall Sorceress is a build based on the Fire Wall Spell.

The high bonus granted by the Fire Mastery grants is making Fire Wall deal extreme amounts of damage. Also, it has some synergies with Warmth spell (+4% damage per level) and Inferno (1% damage per level).

Still, the Inferno only grants a small boost, so it’s valuable to focus on other skills too.

When Fire Wall is maxed out or at a high level, it is capable of doing excessive amounts of damage each second. However, the spell deals DoT (damage over time) in a set area. This is the main weakness of the build. An enemy can avoid its damage by simply stepping out of it. As a result, this build isn’t made for PvP. It’s more effective versus monsters though.

Firewall Sorceress Skills

In addition, most monsters in Hell mode are Fire Immune. Because of that, a Fire Wall Sorceress usually follows one of the following paths:

  • Max out Lightning Skills with low synergies, like Lightning Mastery and Thunder Storm.
  • Max out Cold Skills with low synergies, such as Cold Mastery and Frozen Orb.
  • Create a mixed build including parts of Chain Lightning or Blizzard builds.
  • Combine this build with Enchantress, to create a party character. The buffed teammates can act as tanks while you are attacking enemies from a safe place. First, you have to max out Warmth, Enchant, Fire Wall and Fire Mastery. Then, there would be some points left to invest in a skill with low synergy, like Frozen Orb. This path is performing best with parties, but it is also effective for solo with decent equipment.

Regardless of the route, you’re going to follow, invest a point to each of the following skills: Teleport, Static field, Enchant, Frozen Armor (try to keep this active all the time) and their prerequisites. As the Fire Wall requires a lot of mana, it’s recommended to max out Warmth and Fire Mastery too.

Firewall Sorceress Stats

Strength is useful only for enabling you to equip the proper items, so you shouldn’t invest more than that.

Keep Dexterity at the base.

To increase your sustainability, you have to invest a lot of points to Vitality.

With the aid of the Warmth spell supplying you with mana, you shouldn’t invest more than a few points to Energy.

Firewall Sorceress Equipment

Fire Wall Sorceress usually plays as a hybrid, so finding the proper items isn’t a piece of cake. The most suitable items are those that grant bonus Fire Damage or bonus to all skills, such as the following items:

Helmet: a rare circlet with +2 to all Sorceress Skills

Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Weapon: Eschuta’s Temper

Armor: Ormus’ Robes

Shield: Spirit (+2 to all skills)

Gloves: Magefist

Belt: Arachnid Mesh

Boots: Sandstorm Trek

Rings: Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band

Weapon Swap: Call to Arms, Spirit

Charms: Annihilus and Hellfire Torch


A defensive mercenary (from Act 2 Nightmare) with Holy Freeze is the best company for a Fire Wall Sorceress.