Fireclaws Werewolf/ Werebear Build

Pros and cons, skills, stat point distribution for the Diablo 2 Fireclaws Werewolf/Werebear build

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Fireclaws Druid is a build that relies on the Fireclaws skill along with the Werebear or Werewolf form.  However, the Fireclaws/Werebear combination seems to be more popular, due to its higher damage per second output. This build is based on the idea that Fireclaws deal high amounts of damage just with one synergy, so you only need to focus on attack speed and attack rating. This type of Druid is mostly used for fighting versus other players.

Also, a common Fireclaws build is very item dependent. Its main weakness is that there are numerous fire immune monsters in Hell difficulty. Thus, the build is almost unplayable in higher difficulties of the game. Note that it’s a tricky character for PvP fights as some classes can use fire absorb or full resists to reduce your damage.

Fireclaws Werebear Skills

The primary skills that a Fireclaws Werebear invests 20 points are the following:

  • Werebear: It provides more defense and life in contrast with werewolf form that provides more attack speed.
  • Lycanthropy: It increases your life while you’re in a Beast form and it increases the duration of your transformation. In addition, it synergizes with Fireclaws, so it’s recommended to max out this skill.
  • Fire Claws: This is your main source of damage. At first, its damage may seem low. However, once you max out at least one of its synergies, Fireclaws can deal massive amounts of fire damage.
  • Firestorm: You need this skill only because it boosts Fireclaws fire damage by 22% per level. You cannot cast this skill while you are in Werebear form.

Further, the build spends a point to each of the skill below as they are prerequisites for the main skills:

  • Werewolf 
  • Feral Rage
  • Rabies
  • Fury
  • Maul 
  • Hunger
  • Shockwave: It’s a very useful skill for fighting against monsters as it has the ability to stun enemies.

You can spend any spare points to the skills that synergize with Fireclaws.

Fireclaws Werewolf Skills

This route sacrifices the Werebear’s life and defense boost for increased attack speed. It invests only 5 points in the Werewolf skill though. The reason is that it has diminishing returns after the 5th level. Thus, it’s much better to spend the points on the synergies of Fireclaws rather than Werewolf. This variation of the build maxes out the following skills:

  • Lycanthropy
  • Fireclaws

Also, the Fireclaws Werewolf spends the rest of the points on the Fireclaws’ synergies. All of them provide 22% fire damage per level to the FIreclaws skill. These are:

  • Firestorm
  • Fissure
  • Volcano
  • Molten Boulder

Fireclaws Werewolf / Werebear Stats

Strength: Depending on your items, invest enough points to equip your best gear.

Dexterity: Spend as many points as your endgame items require.

Vitality: Don’t hesitate to place the majority of your points in your life pool.

Energy: It’s recommended to keep this attribute to the base value. The other three stats are much more important and you can cover your mana issues using mana boosting items.