Fire Druid Build

skills, stat point distribution, pros and cons for the Diablo 2 Fire Druid build

fire druid build
Art by bobgreyvenstein

The Fire Druid Build focuses on the fire skills from the Elemental skill tree. This Druid build is similar to the Wind Druid, but it’s not as popular due to the numerous Fire immune monsters in Hell difficulty. The Druid’s fire skills are probably the most visually impressive effects in Diablo 2.

Also, one version of the build uses a combination of Fissure and Dire Wolves. The wolves along with the mercenary are used to distract and damage the enemies, while the Druid casts Fissure. The Fissure skill does high constant damage for its level. In addition, this is a very effective way to kill act Bosses, as long as the Druid keeps summoning more wolves once they die.

Fire Druid Skills

Each of the fire spells has different advantages and weaknesses. You need to know when to use each skill if you want to bring these builds into Hell difficulty.

One common weakness of all the fire skills is that you can only cast them on the ground. This means that flying monsters are more difficult to target. However, the Molten Boulder skill can help you in these situations.

Another weak point of all the fire skills is that they have a delay when cast. This greatly reduces the utility of a faster cast rate.

The Fire Druid’s primary spells are the following:

  • Firestorm: Firestorm doesn’t deal a great damage output and it is somehow difficult to aim properly. However, it benefits more than the other fire spells from FCR (faster cast rate) because it has a very short timer. The primary use of Firestorm is to slay Act Bosses, individuals or small groups of slow and large monsters. Overall, it is a better skill to use than Volcano versus non-fire immune monsters, but it requires greater skill to aim.
  • Molten Boulder: The boulder can knock back small and medium enemies. Monsters knocked back will receive fire and physical damage. The boulder leaves behind a trail of fire as well. Molten Boulder is weak in areas with many obstructions and is almost useless versus large fire immune monsters. It is excellent against non-fire immune enemies though.
  • Fissure: Fissure opens up some vents on the ground that deals fire damage. You can cast two Fissures on the top of each other as well.  This fire skill is more effective against large and tight groups of enemies and versus monsters that move neither too slow nor too fast.
  • Volcano: This spells deals massive amounts of physical and fire damage to the target location. It’s more effective versus non-moving targets. In addition, you can cast Volcano in tight places such as doorways where enemies have to pass to reach you and your minions.
  • Armageddon: The last fire skill is the Armageddon that requires also the wind skills in order to unlock it. However, its damage output is the highest among the fire skills.

Fire Druid Stats

Strength: Invest only as many points required by your endgame equipment.

Dexterity: Spend some points on this attribute so you can equip your best items.

Vitality: Invest the majority of your points in your life pool.

Energy: If you can’t deal with the mana issues at the early stages of the game, spend only a few points here. However, it’s recommended to avoid spending any points in your mana pool as you will overcome the mana problems at higher levels.