Enchantress Build

All about skills, stats and best equipment of the Diablo 2 Sorceress Enchantress Build

diablo 2 enchantress build
Art by EnriqueNL

This unique Sorceress build is based on Enchant spell and it can be entirely weapon-based. Apart from allies, an enchantress can cast Enchant on herself and boost her attacks with powerful Fire Damage.

Also, this build is versatile due to Enchant synergizing only with Warmth spell. This way the only skills she has to max out are Warmth, Fire Mastery and Enchant.

Enchantress Skills

An Enchantress has multiple choices for spending the remaining of her points:

  • Place her points into a Fire Spell, like Inferno, because it synergizes with Warmth too. Although, in Hell mode there are many Fire Immune monsters, making this a weak choice.
  • Place the points into a Lightning or Cold spell with low synergy and its corresponding Mastery, such as Thunder Storm or Frozen Orb, in order to deal with fire immunities. This is a preferable option for Enchantresses that cast Enchant as a support skill for teammates and mercenariesrather than themselves.
  • Invest points into a defensive skill like Shiver Armor or Energy Shield and its synergies. This is the best route for an Enchantress that wants to fight on the front line. This is because it grants them a defensive advantage that the other physical characters luck.
  • Invest points into Lightning Mastery, while wearing gear (like Dream Rune Words) that grants high lightning damage to her attacks.

Once Enchant and its synergies are maxed out, alongside with the suitable gear, it grants excessive Fire Damage to her teammates and herself.

In the case an Enchantress decides to act as a fighter and use Enchant on herself, she would level up the corresponding attributes as well.  But unlike other fighter classes like Amazons or Barbarians, Sorceresses don’t get the same amount of life per point spent in Vitality.

For that reason, some physical Enchantresses are leveling up Energy Shield. Also, instead of investing points in Vitality, they spent them in Energy. A high Energy pool with the aid of the Warmth spell can absorb the damage dealt to Enchantress while letting her attack the enemies.

Enchantress Stats

You need as much Strength as your appropriate equipment requires.

You should invest about 200 points In Dexterity, for extra attack rating and a better chance to block.

Your actual Vitality would be your Energy, so it’s better to keep it at the base.

Energy is your lifeblood, you should max it out.

Enchantress Equipment

If you play as a melee Enchantress, search for weapons with high elemental damage or fast attack speed. For instance, a Passion Phase Blade and Dream (for helmet and shield) are providing high Lightning damage, stacked upon the fire damage.

If you prefer to play as a support Sorceress, search for items with “+skills” bonuses.


  • Passion
  • Switch: Call to Arms



  • Dream



  • Dream



  • Chains of Honor



  • Magefist
  • Laying of Hands
  • Frostburn



  • Silkweave
  • Sandstorm Trek


  • Arachnid Mesh
  • Death’s Guard: Cannot Be Frozen effect, easy to find
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord: Damage reduction and a great vitality boost.



  • Highlord’s Wrath



  • Stone of Jordan x2
  • Raven Frost (optional): If you need the Cannot Be Frozen effect


Ranged Enchantress


A ranged Enchantress usually combines Piercing along with Explosive Arrows to increase her fire damage.

You can use Raven Claw at first, then Kuko Shakaku for the mid levels and Demon Machine at higher levels. They all provide the ‘fire explosive arrows’ ability. In addition, Razortail increases the chance of Piercing.


The most common choices for this build are the Defensive Act 2 (Nightmare difficulty) mercenaries with Holy Freeze effect or the offensive version of it.