Bonemancer Build

Pros and cons, skills, and a stat point distribution for the Diablo 2 Bonemancer build

diablo 2 bonemancer build
Art by Herbert Dariel

It’s one of the most popular builds for the Necromancer in Diablo 2. It uses Bones Spells as the main source of damage along with limited summoning abilities.


  • Enemies have weaker resistance versus non-elemental magic damage.
  • It’s an excellent build for killing crowds at higher levels.
  • It’s powerful in Player versus Player (PvP) fights.


  • The spells take some time to gain potency in solo mode.
  • It’s not so effective at the early stages of the game.

Bomancer Build Skills

The Bonemancer’s skill settings can vary depending on the equipment and player’s personal preference.  Some players aim to maximize their damage, while many others will spend some points to their curses as well.

Further, it’s recommended to place at least a point in your Clay Golem and its synergies. This Golem acts as a great tank for both PvP fights and PvE. For the same reason, many Bonemancers spend a point to Revive especially in Hardcore mode.

Also, every offensive skill of the build has at least 4 synergies (without counting the skill itself). Thus, it’s almost impossible to build a Bonemancer with max synergies.

Below are the primary skills that should invest the majority of your points:


  • Bone Spear: It pierces through enemies and cost less mana than Bone Spirit. Many players use this as their main attack due to the high mana cost of the Spirit.
  • Bone Spirit: It deals slightly more damage than Bone Spear, at least at lower levels. You can achieve a higher level using the White Rune Word
  • Invest a lot of points (if not maxed) into TeethBone Prison, and Bone Wall for their synergies. The Bone Prison and Bone Wall are useful for controlling crowds as well.

Many players get confused as to whether they should use either Bone Spirit or Bone Spear as their main attack.

Other skills you should invest a few points in:

  • Amplify Damage or another curse of your choice. You can skip this if you will use a White Rune Word with +points to Curses.
  • Clay Golem: It serves as a great tank and protects you from receiving damage.
  • Revive: It’s not a necessity, but a very strong skill. The revived creatures (especially flying ones) fight at the front line, protect you while you’re slaying your enemies. Usually, one point is effective. Items that grant +skills can further boost Revive.

Bonemancer Build Equipment

Like any other caster build, the Bonemancers benefit from gear that improves their total damage output through +skills bonus. By using the White Rune Word, it’s possible to wield a wand with +8 points to Bone Spear along with many other bonuses. 


  • White: For maximum damage.
  • Heart of the Oak: It offers a Faster Cast Rate and Resistances, but it has fewer +skills.
  • Boneshade
  • Wizardspike: It has a high Faster Cast Rate and Resistances, but no +skills.
  • Spirit Sword




  • Boneflame


  • Spirit Rune Word 


  • Homunculus


  • Lidless Wall
  • A Shield that boosts Bone Spear/Spirit.


  • Harlequin Crest (Shako)


  • Lore


  • Peasant Crown



  • Skin of the Vipermagi


  • Enigma Rune Word
  • Any armor that boosts your skills (such as Skullder’s Ire)



  • Magefist: For the Faster Cast Rate and  Mana Regeneration
  • Trang-Oul’s Claws: For the boost to your Curses and the Faster Cast Rate.
  • Frostburn: For the mana bonus


  • Arachnid Mesh


  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord



  • Stone of Jordan


  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band 
  • Rare rings that boost your Faster Cast Rate



  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope
  • A Crafted, Rare or Magic amulet with +3 to poison and bone skills, or +2 to all necromancer skills.

Bonemancer Build Stats

Strength: Don’t spend any points here. You should use an amulet, a belt and rings to boost your Strength at the start of each game. Once you benefit from Enigma’s Strength bonus, switch back to your proper gear.

Dexterity: Some players spend some points here because they’re receiving melee damage. It’s not recommended though.

Vitality: Invest almost all of your points on your Life pool.

Energy: Don’t waste any points here. Try to cover your mana issues with mana potions and items that grant mana points.