Beastmaster Build

Skills, stat point distribution, pros and cons for the Diablo 2 Beastmaster build

diablo 2 beastmaster build
Art by Asahisuperdry

The Beastmaster or Hunter is a Diablo 2 Druid build that invests points on the summoning skill tree and relies only on the summoned minions.

The greatest disadvantage of the Hunter Druid is the presence of physical immune monsters at the higher difficulties of the game. The minions can only deal physical damage, so the Beastmaster uses a Bow or a Ranged weapon of a different element in order to assist his minions and deal additional damage.

Beastmaster Build Skills

The build invests 20 points in the primary skills below:

  • Summon Spirit Wolf: This skill serves as a synergy to the Dire Wolves, that you will have active most of the time.
  • Summon Dire Wolf: This skill is more powerful than the Spirit Wolves. If you max out this skill and its synergy, your wolves can deal high damage and have good sustainability as well.
  • Summon Grizzly: This is your main source of damage. When you max out your bear along with its synergies, it is able not only to deal high amounts of damage but also have a very high Health pool. In addition, it synergizes with the Spirit and Dire Wolves.
  • Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine: it’s not worth to max out both of these skills. Both are very helpful, so it’s better to choose one and invest 20 points in it.
  • Poison Creeper: This is the best option among your vines summons. Its damage output isn’t great, but it’s useful because it prevents the enemies from healing.

Beastmaster Build Equipment

The majority of the Hunter Druid use bows with magic/elemental damage in order to deal with physical immune enemies.

Some popular choices are the following weapons:

  • Kuko Shakaku: It provides Pierce and Explosive Arrows effects for elemental splash damage.
  • Witchwild String: It offers Magic Damage, the Deadly Strike effect and a chance to cast Amplify Damage.

Some other helpful bonuses that can boost your build are items with the effects:

  • Increased Attack Speed
  • Knockback: It ensures that you remain far from dangerous enemies.


  • Pierce: It’s useful for increasing the number of enemies hit. Also, it has a great advantage of increasing the chance to cast Amplify Damage of Witchwild String.
  • Resistances: They are less important considering your distance from the front line. However, they are always helpful for fighting Bosses such as Diablo and Baal that deal Area of Effect elemental damage.

Beastmaster Build Stats

Strength: You should have enough strength in order to equip your desired items.

Dexterity: Because this type of Druid fights from a distance, it can afford to spend more points on this attribute and less in Vitality. Some players spend 3 points to Dexterity for every 2 points spent on Vitality. If you like a more safe set up, it’s decent to invest only as many points you need to equip your best gear.

Vitality: Invest all the remaining points in this attribute.

Energy: Keep your Energy at the base value as you will need mana only for summoning your minions.