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The secrets of the Horadric Cube explained. Ya’ll don’t need to be very bright candles to understand.

The Horadric Cube is a powerful tool in Diablo2 that has many purposes and is obtained in Act II while in the Halls of the Dead level 3 ,during the Horadric Staff quest. In addition, it acts as a combining device by putting old items inside in order to create a new one or upgrade one you already have. To do so , one must simply open the cube then put the required items for the recipe inside it and finally then press the “transmute” button . You can open the Cube by right clicking it then you can drag and drop the items you want to combine inside it . Because you can put items inside it , the Cube also serves as a storage unit. As a result, it will provide you with extra space wich is very practical . It gives the player 4×3 slots of space , costing only 2×2 slots to carry , resulting in 8 item slots worth of space!If you try to put something in the Cube but there is not enough space inside, you character will say something. Also, Deckard Cain will still identify your items even if they are inside the Cube.

What is the Horadric Cube and how to use it?​

To use the Horadric Cube, simply drag and drop items on it. They will automatically be positioned within the cube, assuming there’s enough free space for them to fit. To open the cube, right click on it, then click and drag to move items between the cube and your inventory. Dropping the cube will instantly move everything from the cube to your main inventory, with anything you lack space for dropping to the ground. The cube can be held in your inventory or your town stash. To convert items in the cube, click the transmute button, visible only when the cube is open. If invalid items are in the cube or the recipe is not possible for some reason, your character will say they can’t do that.

How to get it?

The Horadric Cube is found in Act Two in the Halls of the Dead, a tomb under the Dry Hills, one of the early surface areas. You want it, so go get it as soon as you have the chance. Once you have it, the fun begins. You can see a full size shot of it, and the window it opens on the left side of your screen and has a very nice design.

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In Act Two you use the Cube to combine the two parts of the Horadric Staff (each part you must find at the bottom of a nasty dungeon) in the Cube, then Transmute them into a whole staff, which is later used to open the way down to the Act boss monster. You can see a shot of that portion here.

But as Cain tells you then, there are other uses to it. His speech at the time reads as follows:

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Champion monsters are stronger versions of Standard monsters. How do you know if you are facing a champion or a standard monster? Champions appear with blue color names. Each of these names will be randomly generated and will give the monsters different bonuses, depending on the resulting name. Champions have a higher chance of giving better loot than Standard monsters.

The Champion category is further divided into five sub-categories. During the release of Diablo II, there were no sub-categories, just plain champions. All the five Champion sub-categories below have an increase in monster level, experience, and hit points.

  • Champions – the original version of champion monsters. They are faster, stronger, and bulkier.
  • Ghostly – these monsters appear transparent. They have high physical resistance but very slow.
  • Fanatic – these monsters move and attack much faster. They are also less damaged by non-melee characters.
  • Berserker – these monsters have a huge increase in attack power and attack rating, plus they are much bulkier.
  • Possessed – these monsters have a massive amount of health. They are also immune to curses.